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Here It Is, Jill

Recently I started quilting again after seeing some fabric sheets that go in my printer and come out with mixed results in my case.  After printing several of them out I’ve learned a few new tricks to make them look better, but anyway, I’m hooked on making pillows and bags, and have even started a memory quilt for my kids.   So, when I told Jill Dennison of Filosofas World about the bag I just finished she wanted to see a photo of it.  Well, after many attempts at getting a good photo, here are some of the shots, not my best work with the camera, but I just couldn’t convince that doggone bag that it should sit up and pose for me.  Hope you like the photos.  This bag is the first of many more to come!  The pictures were found on Pinterest.

 Kinda neat looking, huh?  Don’t mean to toot my own horn on it, but after dropping my needle several times and finding it when it was stepped on, seated on, or just bit me when I stuck my hand in a pocket for some reason.  That kinda smarts, ya know?  But the quilting part if fun again after several years hiatus from holding that little needle.  I am finding the process to be very calming again.  Can’t exactly take a nap under the bag — well, I have a few times, but it’s not as comforting as the full sized blankets when it comes to keeping warm!  Since I don’t have a lot of space here I’m using the quilt as you go method where each block is quilted and when they are stitched together after being quilted.  It’s actually so much easier than the old traditional method of putting them in a frame and calling the neighbors to come in for a quilting party.  Not as much fun, but easier~  Y’all have a great week now.


In Memorium

a-bunch-of-us1   27540908_584284898573622_2503141098862813475_n

My dad was born July 9, 1915 and passed away July 16, 1992, one week to the day after his 77th birthday.  This year he would have been 103 years of age, but the cancer did him in one week after his 77th birthday.  The photos above show me sitting next to my mom, and just dad’s profile next to her.  The second photo is mom and dad cutting the cake on their 25th wedding anniversary.  Somewhere I have photos of them celebrating their 50th anniversary, but as it usually happens, just couldn’t find them yet.

What I did find however, are a couple of poems I wrote during dad’s short illness, while sitting with him.  And I remember so many times when I would go to visit and just sit with him.

Most of all I miss the companionable silences–

        just sitting–you asleep in your chair.

I miss walking with you through Autumn woods

with the only sound the leaves crunching beneath our feet.

I miss your smile, the twinkle in your eyes,

the pleasure of telling you the latest joke, knowing

you would get it every time.

I miss the thoughtful advice–

your patience when I didn’t listen,

your satisfaction when I did.

But it’s okay to miss you now.

The loneliness is okay.

I’ll have your memory forever.

July, 1992

I love you Dad, I miss you still.

Happy Valentines Day

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentines Day today.  Just sending this short note to everyone who loves someone, whether with them or not.  For me, it is NOT but that only means not living with them.  Children grow up and leave home for places and families of their own, marriages fail but the love that brought us together remains, family members  pass away and if we are lucky, friends take their place in our lives. I just happen to be very fortunate in my friends, blessed to have them and grateful that they have always been around when I need someone.   So, to my family and friends, Happy Valentines Day.  I love and appreciate each and every one of you.

I want to share these photos of the sweet green frog and balloons sent yesterday by my daughter and her family.  Thanks, G.  I love it!