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A Study In Frustration Again

I’m trying to finish some of my drafts, even though when they were lost the first few times I can’t remember!  I do remember the acute frustration of wondering where they went and which planet they were living on after fleeing this one.  Maybe they foresaw what we are going thru now with this pandemic taking center stage.  And in April, when I first tried this it was all only beginning.  There was talk of opening the churches again by Easter, and since I can’t remember the date for yesterday — or today for that matter, I don’t remember if I finished something or if this is one I simply put on the back burner after four attempts failed.

So, today I followed a new friend’s example and cleaned out my spam folder.  Since I’ve found other friends had wandered in there by some twist of fate or help from my resident poltergeist — I just now had to look for this draft again!  Might have made a discovery though.  This time I added that it might have been aided by a visitor from Mars just before I lost the link.  Now if this one disappears again I’ll know that we’ve been invaded by Martians and make myself an aluminum hat just to feel safe.  Oh Lordy, what next?  First I have to wear a mask because of the pandemic and now I might have to wander around wearing aluminum hats?  I think I’ll just look for the flying saucer and climb on board.  Too bad about my fear of heights.  I have an even larger fear of being lost in space, flying in general (you know, the old “if I was supposed to fly ….wings?” thing.  Maybe that’s why I began blogging as Kentucky Angel.

Okay, back to the subject.  Anybody remember at this point what that subject was?  For that matter, anyone care?  In light of all that’s happening in today’s world it’s not of much importance except as my small attempt at humor.  Oh yes, I remember humor.  Just not sure how or where to find it lately.  Things that once seemed funny are now frustrating.  Like knocking over the container of straight pins after carefully placing them all in one container and placing it where it looked safe from even my worst ________  (and now more frustration.  I forgot what I was saying so just fill in the ending yourself this time.  But please let me know what word or words you added.  I might be able to keep them in a notebook for future reference).

Now that last statement is a real joke!  I have four notebooks for memos, passwords, notes about different things, and when I need them, any one of them they are nowhere to be found.  And KLUTZ is the word I forgot above.  Or some derivative of that word.  I’m beginning to wonder if I can still speak actual words.  The only time I   see anyone lately it’s one of the Physical Therapists and we are more concerned about how I can balance and walk than how or if I can speak.  Gracious, now I might be mute and not even know it.  What a thought!  Maybe I’m already on Mars and just haven’t figured it out yet.  Oh, just remembered that I sang a few songs lately.  I know the dog next door heard me because I could hear her howling in disharmony with my song.  “Mama Mia, here we go again”.  The irony is that when I was singing and playing my guitar years ago I could never remember all the words but yesterday I reeled them off along with several other songs without any problem at all.

I’m not sure I want to preview this because I think it’s really jumping around the page for sure.  Not sure I want that part of my insanity to show, but then again we all have to take the bad along with the good so here you have it.  Almost.

Oh yeah, I began something about knocking my container of pins over.  They were all over the floor (except for the ones I grabbed with bare hands.  Not sure it was quite the same as being stuck like a porcupine but it took some time to get them all out.  Not quite as long as to remove the ones I stepped on later since I have no feeling in my feet and just can’t seem to keep shoes on when socks are so much more comfortable and at times when I step on a pin or nail, another dropped item, it remains imbedded for a few days.  Has to get to a certain stage before I stand up and then sit down in a hurry to see what’s making the feet hurt like that.  I might have to invent a way to stick magnets on my feet (or sew them in my sox!) just to stop getting my feet stuck so often.

I’ve probably posted these photos before but things are getting boring around here and with pins and needles stuck in my feet I’m slowing down on taking photos lately.  The nature ones were taken from a window and the dolls from wherever they landed after change of clothes periods,  I now have over two dozen dolls and each of them have a couple of outfits I have made.  More cut out so some will get more  changes, but fabric is among the items I’m having problems replacing.  But this too shall pass.  I’m just not sure I want to know what will replace it all.


I’m Haunted By A Poltergeist!

I actually began this post a few years ago and somehow it got sent to drafts.  Nothing has changed since then though ghost-wise.  The poltergeist is still here and at times becomes a lot more active than I like to experience.  He/she is constantly moving my stuff.  Today I put a remote down on the arm of my chair while I re-positioned my aching derriere and when I turned back to that particular spot the remote was gone!  I spent most of the day looking for that one little thingy, finding it just a few minutes ago (and hours after the movie I wanted to watch but couldn’t change the channel for).  It was in a plastic container with my quilting needles, scissors, and other misc.  And it was at least four feet from my chair!  I’m not even speculating about how this happened.  I haven’t been in that corner of the room for a few days and since I had to use the remote to turn the television on this morning I ke days usually requires a contortionistic ability that I have never possessed.  I made up a word here, did you notice?  That bright red line under it always lets me know these things.

Last weekend I found one of my plates (the kind I eat on, not the kind my teeth are attached to) behind some shelves near the window.  Don’t ask.  I don’t remember now why I was looking for anything there, but either my poltergeist put it there or I sure have some kind of large pest that dragged it there.  Don’t think I want to think about that one very long!  I’ll already have nightmares just from remembering it the way it is now.

Okay, I give up.  I’ve written one paragraph three times now and it keeps disappearing.  I don’t think I’m hitting a wrong button — at least not three times in a row, so I guess my poltergeist doesn’t want me to write about him and more.  It has to be a male ghost.  A female one would enjoy being given a spotlight.  So I’ll quit while I’m ahead — again.  A.

Slept My Life Away — Almost

Seems like it was May 1 a few minutes ago, but just woke from my migraine headache tablet to find it is now Thursday!   No more headache though — just sluggish from sleeping too long with my neck in the wrong position!  Bet most of you know what THAT feels like, huh?  Not something I want to try very often!  But the good news is that the migraine is gone.  Thank God for Imitrex!  

Everything looks the same as when I fell asleep.  Shucky dern, no nice fairy godmother came by and cleaned up the mess I made before falling asleep on whatever day it was.  Not sure, but I think my poltergeist might have paid a visit while I slept without the fairy godmother to make him behave.  Wouldn’t ya just know it?  Some days you’re the winner, but most days it doesn’t happen!


I did find the table cleaned up, but I was going to replace a few of the things on this table and it it still looking at me with a few minor changes made in the past three years/  I actually have other photos on it now, but the autumn flowers haven’t been replaced by spring blossoms yet.  Something to do after I’m awake enough to move without hitting the floor again..  With the right side of my face finally beginning to look right again I sure don’t want to add any new bumps or bruises.  Not as colorful as it was when I went to sleep — thankfully!  Now if the butterflies that occupy the empty space where the brain should be would stop fluttering by life would be golden!  And about time something in these “golden years” should actually be golden!  Ya know, they don’t even put gold fillings in our teeth now?  And not that many people get rich on Social Security.  As far as I know only the Congress people who used our Social Security for their secret after midnight raises have managed that.  Personally, I’m still waiting for that knock on my door with someone telling me I just won $5000 a week for the rest of my life!  I have a feeling the shock of hearing that would shorten my life considerably!

Well, just glanced up and nothing has been straightened up while I’ve been sitting here so I guess it’s time to really get up and start moving around!  Wish me luck getting my legs to work soon.  Still don’t bounce!