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I have lived with MS since the age of eleven (11) and now am a pro as far as dealing with all the train wrecks associated with this disease. If it can be hit with a power chair, I'll do it, usually moving the object in front of me several feet away from where it was. I've dragged a bin of watermelons down the grocery aisle because it was hooked to my chair and I didn't know it until checking to see why people were laughing. It's always better to join in the laughter than to be upset about it. So, I just laugh it all off and keep on keeping on!

Laptop Working — Almost

Alleluia!  Today I received a new laptop.  The old one is not working so my friend sent me a Dell that he already had.  I’m in the process of setting it up and trying to find my old apps.  The one I’m really trying to find the most is Picasa 3, my photo editing app.  I don’t know why Google decided to 86 that one but that was the second one they took away since I first began using a computer.  Why do these people continue to fix things that were never broken?  And for that matter, why don’t they try fixing some of the broken things?  

Now to see if my photos made the switch with me today.  I’ll know soon because I’m going to try to find them.

How about that!  Here they are, including a couple of new ones!  I think I’m back in business.  Just have to find a few more things, especially Picasa, probably not going to happen, but at least I can give it a try.

I got my room almost the way I want it by moving the furniture last Saturday.  And I paid for that Saturday night when places I didn’t know I had were hurting.  I have a feeling that means I shouldn’t try moving furniture in the future.  That’s okay — everything is almost where I want it to be.  Just a stack of sewing things waiting for their new home, if I can find them a new home!  Someday it is sure to turn up and when it does I’ll be ready for it. 

It has been downright cold here during morning and evening hours with the breeze blowing in off the river but that is still one of my favorite places to be.  I still can’t believe it is just out the back door and across the grass from where I am sitting right now.  I’ve driven down to the river most of my life and tried to find a parking place so I could sit and watch the boats floating past but now I can watch them all day and into the night without leaving home.  Just have to be sure I’m inside by the time the doors are locked at 9:00 p,m.  I don’t think I would enjoy the river much if I ever got locked out and had to spend the night in the gazebo.  Not a very good thought there.

Lots  more to do today, including setting this laptop up with everything I want.  Of course, that means Picasa!  I’ll leave with a last photo of my favorite place!



A couple of days ago I went out for a ride down to the river and was greeted by this view. Someone told me it was a gambling boat but I don’t know about that. I just know that it evokes thoughts of the riverboats that once upon a time plied these waters between here and New Orleans. Anyone see the movie “Showboat”?

One of my favorites, but then I love almost ALL of the old musicals. I think I was born in the wrong century because in my mind’s eye I see myself descending a circular staircase, dressed in a long dress with hoop skirts and lace. The reality would of course be me tripping over the long dress and totally destroying the lace as I tumble head first down that staircase, but in my own mind I would be graceful. Yeah, right!

As long as I’m dreaming, I might as well claim that dollar a few million times over! Now what to do with my newfound millions! Maybe a home of my own? I would have to fill it with nurses and a doctor or ten to patch me up when I fall (I do that a lot), No, if I had my own home it would have a huge room to hold my fabrics, sewing machines, and a separate room for lace and otherr sewing notions. And, of course, I would have my very own boat docked behind the house ready to take me floating down the Ohio to the Mississippi and points beyond!

But I’m awake now — most of the night for that matter. Dreams are nice but reality can also be nice. I have friends! They are worth more to me than all the millions of dollars in the world! I have a roof over my head, three meals a day and warm clothes to shield me from the elements. You know what? I really am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams!

Monday Morning Two Weeks Later

Today marks the beginning of my second — or is it third? week in my new place. It really feels like home now since I have my TV and sewing machine. And I’ve found another quilter here as well! We do have a way to find each other!

One of the nurses, kinda hard to get along with at first asked me what I was making and I told her it was a doll dress. Then she asked if that was the only thing I make and when I told her I also make quilts she was excited, telling me she was a quilter too. She came back several times during the day to talk quilts, telling me we are the only ones here who quilt. We are going to try to get some others interested enough to take a class we want to start!

I spent some time in the gazebo watching a barge go by on its way to the Mississippi river and all of the possible points of call on that way South. Took a few photos so let’s see if I can put one in here.

Nope! Using my phone and it just isn’t happening! It’s possible none of this will happen because I’m not having a lot of success answering comments without the laptop. WP keeps asking me if I am Angela. They just won’t let me in to some people but give no objections to others. Kinda makes me wonder what is going on!

Ohio River from my backyard

Yay! I figured it out! . And found a photo with the barge in it! This is gonna be a good day!

Too Early To Think

It’s somewhere around 6 am now and I’m still trying to get used to the schedule in my new assisted living home! Still not sleeping at night but now, instead of lying in bed and napping someone gets me up to go to the med room and stick my finger to check my blood sugar. This morning it’s 115, not bad after the chocolate covered mints I munched on during the night! Usually it stays in the lower 90’s, but I’ve mended some of my ways when it comes to eating candy all night. At this advanced age of nearing 80 I’m finally learning a bit of self control!

Breakfast is around 7am, meaning anywhere from 7 to 7:30’and I have to get there soon or someone else will stick their head in my door and remind me to go to the dining room. I like it here but do miss the independence I had before. Of course I’ve been here less than 2 weeks and getting adjusted takes more time than that! I’m trying to remember the names of my new neighbors but since there are so many holes in my head it’s difficult. Most of them remember my name but they only have one to remember while I have 50! Shucks! Some days I don’t remember my own name so how can I remember that many?

My son and daughter in love brought me a new lift chair yesterday, a bit different from the one I had before. Roomier, so I can build my nest better than before, but they haven’t brought my sheets, pillowcases, or quilts yet so I’m using the facilities bedding for now! I want my own things but I don’t say it because they are trying to figure out what I want next without asking me! Since I don’t know myself most of the time it makes it difficult! Each of them took different things to store and no one wrote it down we are all guessing who to call for what! And to think, I once thought old age was less complicated! How did I ever get this old without having someone telling me what to do all day?

it’s not all that bad though. Most of my time is my own and I have no real work to do. But the problem is that I have no real work to do! That makes very long days!

Did you miss me? Got summoned for breakfast and then started visiting a friend and lost track of the time. She is newer than I by three days and told me she had some squash relish in her room. After a short discussion we decided to go to her room and sample it and talked f the morning away! And now I want to sleep for the rest of the day and lunch is in an hour! Just might skip that and order a pizza!

Off to dreamland for now!

Times They Do Change

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and so much is happening. Some good, some bad, mostly indifferent to anything at all.

My family — or rather part of my family came in for the October birthday season, my sister MEG’s on the 16th and my Aunt MBW’s on the 17th. Tomorrow is my older brothers 80th birthday which makes me feel older that Kentucky dirt, but at least the more he teases me about my age on my own birthday, he is still 14 months older! Probably a bit of Indiana dirt thrown in there, but don’t tell him that! The truth is that my dad’s family are from Indiana but Mom and Pop, my paternal grandparents had the good sense to relocate to Kentucky in the early part of the 20th century.

Believe it or not it is almost one year since I wrote the first two paragraphs and what a year it has been! A little over a week ago I moved from the building I had lived in for 22 years into an assisted living place located on the banks of the Ohio River. I’ve always loved the river and now it’s my back yard. I’ve driven my power chair down to the boat dock, right where the land meets the water! Close enough to wave at the men working on the barge heading to the Mississippi and ultimately to New Orleans. Once upon a time I thought about joining the crew as a cook and spending time floating with them. Reality set in before I did something rash though and I knew it wasn’t really an option due to my motion sickness so that idea was shelved before I tried it.

I’ve had to do a lot of adjusting to this new situation and it’s still taking a bit of time. Since I now have only one room I had to give a lot of my life away and leave my old friends behind but I’m finding a lot of new friends here. The Staff people are mostly great with very few exceptions and I’ve been meeting so many people who are quickly becoming friends! I’ve drag raced my power chair with a new person who has a chair like mine, and I’ve already put a few dents in the wall while trying to get a door open! So I think I have left my mark on this place already! All in all I like it here. More to come later. Right now I’m going to have my hair done!

Say What?

I lost another day over the weekend. I’m not sure what happened to it or why it was lost, but it was probably just a case of forgetting how to read a calendar. When I woke up Sunday morning I was so upset because it was 9:30 and I had slept through something I had planned for several days to do. My solution was to fall asleep again.

While fumbling through the daylight streaming through my window I found what I was looking for as well as some things I had forgotten I ever lost. So I kicked back and took another nap.

The next awakening was when I caught the phone on its way out. It was probably trying to find refuge with the TV remote that has been missing since January. It’s been getting me back by hiding the batteries I know I have somewhere. New pack of 20. Or maybe more than that. Had lost count the last time I checked the packages. Just remember it was somewhere around the number of how many fingers and toes I have. One less? or one more?

Movin’ on. Put my trash outside the door for pickup. Took a few more stitches on the quilt I’m making for the soon to be born great-grandson. Opened the door to bring the container back in. Hmm, after 10:00 pm and hadn’t been picked up yet. Another calendar check. Oops! No mark on Saturday but Sunday had been marked off. Time for bed and a second chance at living Sunday over again.


I’ve been thinking a lot about the past while writing about those “Good Old Days” out on Highway 81, Last Christmas my daughter gave me a series of questions to write a new chapter each Monday, although I have to admit there are some weeks lately that the each Monday is becoming “maybe tomorrow”. It’s rough having to admit I’m forgetting a lot of those old stories and I’m trying to get the chapters written before they are gone forever.

So today I managed to write another chapter in my book of life. This is about the gift I always wanted but never received, Very easy. I always wanted someone to make a quilt for me. I’ve made them for everyone in my extended family and while they have made some for other family members no one has ever made one for me. But a couple of hours later I remembered the quilts my Mother made for my sisters and me and kept them in large bags in her closet. We found them the day before her funeral, It was easy to tell which was for who. After the funeral my grandkids came to visit me and I ended up giving them the quilts so they wouldn’t forget their great-grandmother.

I might have mentioned the fact that I’m in the process of making quilt tops to use up my stash of fabric before I move. My kids will store the tops for me and bring them as needed for me to quilt. I love the quilting part best. Cutting out all those pieces is a pain most of the time, and then sewing the little pieces back together again is a definite pain in the derriere. But I’m close to finishing the third quilt for my own great-grandson who will be born in late September.


All those “friends” who said they would be here for me when I got home. The ones I have tried to help each time they ask for something when they are not feeling good or when they have spent their money on cigarettes rather than food and now are feeling hunger pangs. All the ones who assured me they would be here as soon as I got home, bringing me food and help during my recovery? If I sound a bit bitter here it’s because of one of that category in particular has made so many promises but always seems to be waiting for — hmm, waiting for WHAT?

I have told myself over and over to take those promises as I would any hot air balloon and enjoy the show but never think they are anything but a show. It’s a good thing I can survive on my own and that I know deep inside my mind that I’m the only person I can ever count on. It makes life lonely but real for me. And each time I tell myself they won’t be getting anything from me again I know I’m lying to myself. But now I know it’s not going to happen that way. It just isn’t in me to turn my back on a person in need of help.

Sorry for the way I’m feeling at the moment. Suffice to say I have been here alone since Mike brought me home and the only reason I’m writing this today is because I know my kids never read it. They would be here if they knew what a mistake it was for me to come home rather than go into a nursing home for rehab. Deep inside myself I knew none of the people promising help would come through, but still, hope runs deep in my veins. Eventually someone might actually surprise me and actually show up with something necessary for comfort.

I’m not forgetting the one who brought me lunch yesterday. He wasn’t one of the neighbors here. He was a friend from another place and time. That might be my problem! I should have been born a century earlier when people counted on neighbors who were always there to help because that was a time when people didn’t have the things we have these days — phones to call someone if we need help, electronic everything for entertainment, up to date life styles that keep us busy in a “me first” atmosphere.

As for my “toy”? I’m renting it from a local business and had to have them change it yesterday because of defective brakes that wouldn’t release. They brought me a replacement and the brakes on that release. Actually the brakes are always released on the new one. That one rolls over everything except the little humpy thing where the carpet and kitchen flooring meet. Mike said he would check that out for me since it was the only other one the company had. Mike can fix everything he gets his hands on. He can also fix my moods when I get in a bad one. He will be here after he gets off work tonight. He will also bring me food that the neighbors seem to think I can get for myself. And this is one that will never be published. Just something I had to get out of my head so I can move on to the rest of the day.

July now and I just found this. Funny how some things never change! I was never going to post this one but now that I have to move on to something else I realize I’m the one who has to do the changing. I should become as mean and as blind to the pain of others as they seem to be. But then I have to realize I don’t know what is going on in their lives. They could be in pain that doesn’t show, suffering through some personal loss, or perhaps just plain tired! I know I am — tired, that is. So now I’ll just grab my blanket and pillow and sleep for a few weeks and regain perspective.

Embarrassing Moments From The Past

Actually a few more recent ones as well. I’ve spent my life as a klutz, walking into furniture, misunderstanding things people say, generally just being a clumsy but hilarious person. Of course, I had to get over being embarrassed about everything first and that took a few years of total misery to accomplish.

One of the first times I remember was the night my older brother was chasing me around the house, a rather small house we could run around in circles through the accommodating open doors from room to room. Since I just knew big brother would never do anything to cause me harm I wasn’t concerned when he put a sheet over my head first. After all, he was older and smarter, or so I thought!

Sheet added he told me to run while he tried to catch me. Being only two at the time I did what he said, seeing only what was revealed under my passage but not any hazards coming up. Unfortunately my doll bed was one of those hazards that night and I hit it full force. Not too much damage except to the eye tooth that had begun to emerge! That tiny tooth had a root system that was unbelievably long. My first visit to the dentist was the next morning when Mother loaded me, along with the tooth, in the car and we discovered the entire root system had been lost and that particular tooth would never come in. Well,even the old family dentist could be wrong about a few things. Fourteen years later I felt the usual itching in that area that had always indicated a tooth coming in. And there it eventually was, my eye tooth, emerging crookedly into my mouth and fully visible when I smiled. A senior in high school finally cutting a tooth that should have been there so many years earlier! It was a couple of years before I smiled without covering my mouth because for some reason my new tooth came in crooked with brown spots on it.

The next one I remember was the day I was helping my granddad gather eggs. Not wanting to run to the basket each time I found a nest and gathered the eggs in it I was saving time by putting the eggs in the pocket of my new dress. After deciding to swing on the gate at one of the cow stalls it seemed only natural that as soon as I got on it the cow would decide to exit that stall, sending me back against the railing that hit just about the right place to break the eggs in my pockets. So icky! Even my pretty patent leather Mary Janes got an egg bath from the pockets full of broken eggs. I climbed the fence and made a mad run for our house across the pasture, but it only delayed the teasing for awhile, Someone had seen the incident and told the rest of the family gathered there that day. If only I had know about shampoo and the wonderful shine eggs could give the hair that day I would have made my fine head of hair look like something from a salon, but that’s the way things go.

Later in life I found myself tripping over cracks in the sidewalk, one of them while on roller skates. And wearing another new dress. During lunch break at school. Falling flat and ripping that lovely new dress from the top of the skirt to the hem. With a few more hours before the bus came to take us home from school. A little hazy about the outcome there, but I think I hit the road for home while trying to hold my skirt together and showing minimum amounts of my slip. My mother was a very accomplished seamstress and was able to repair the skirt with nearly invisible stitches but each time I wore it all I remembered was that fateful day when it was ripped open. I didn’t even notice the bleeding cuts from the gravel until I got home.

Now to reenter high school. For our Senior trip we all decided to wear the pleated white skirts that were so fashionable at that time. BUT, mother couldn’t find the fabric for a white pleated skirt. She found some red pleated fabric and made my skirt out of that. It was beautiful while on the hanger but during an extended bus ride to Nashville on that warm day, squirming in the seat and being totally uncomfortable, when I stood up to exit the bus I first noticed the pleats in the back of the skirt no longer existed. Just a sort of ballooning in the back of the skirt. Not too cool. And in a strange city with a long day ahead to walk around with a ballooning rear in front of all those people!

Exit school days and enter the work force. My uniform pants had a crease down the front of the legs that was not exactly hidden from my view when I put them on before leaving for work that morning but I managed to miss that. Kept wondering why they were so uncomfortable but couldn’t figure it out until arriving at work and sitting through the morning meeting. Back to my cubicle and tried to put something in the pocket that wasn’t where it should have been and only then noticing they were on backward. Tried to sneak into the restroom to fix the situation before anyone noticed but of course it was noticed then. By the only person working there who was a bigger klutz that I was. I did my charting in my car that day and by morning she had managed to get her skirt sucked up in the vacuum system at the filling station while trying to clean out her car so my moment had passed almost without notice — until my 3 year old grandson called to tell me the way to know the front from the back was to look for the label and make sure that was always in the back. Who squealed?

Many years and many miles later I can see the humor of it all but when it was all happening it just didn’t seem all that funny, Somewhere along the line I’ve developed a sense of humor that was too embarrassed to show itself while younger.

Hope you all had a good day today. N0w if I could only learn to put my fingers on the right keys while typing….

It Seems Like A Losing Battle

KYAngel's Reflections On Life

So it’s a good thing I’m such a stubborn woman!  I just checked in Facebook and found one of my memories from 3 years ago.  In it I was bemoaning the fact that this laptop and I were not getting along well.  We still aren’t!  I think the problem is still the same.  I try to free up space on the drive and then immediately fill it up again.  I’m a collector, hoarder, lover of photographs and apps and dolls and floral arrangements and sewing and quilting and pretty fabrics and — hmmm, I can’t think of much else off hand.  Good thing though.  I was holding my breath while typing that and I think my complexion is now kinda bluish.  Of course some of that could also be due to my sinus problems that seem to increase as the day wears on.  Gonna have to get busy inventing that…

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