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I have lived with MS since the age of eleven (11) and now am a pro as far as dealing with all the train wrecks associated with this disease. If it can be hit with a power chair, I'll do it, usually moving the object in front of me several feet away from where it was. I've dragged a bin of watermelons down the grocery aisle because it was hooked to my chair and I didn't know it until checking to see why people were laughing. It's always better to join in the laughter than to be upset about it. So, I just laugh it all off and keep on keeping on!

Time: a matter of mind over?

I don’t know if anyone else is noticing how fast time is passing lately. One would think that being self quarantined because of people around me not observing precautions for getting rid of this CV-19 pandemic that time would be standing still, never moving, stagnant. I could probably think of more descriptions but it would involve using a brain that has long been dead. My mouth just hasn’t caught on yet and it keeps yacking away even while I’m alone. I talk to everything around me and grab at the phone each time it rings hoping there will be a real person on the other end. Not much luck so far with each call marked “potential spam” by the little person who lives inside the phone and decides which calls I should answer and which ones to ignore.

But back to the subject, I wake up each morning determined to phone family and friends to see of they are surviving but since it is always too early to wake them I make the decision to wait a couple of hours because I want them to still like me after the phone is answered. Get started doing something (quilting). making doll clothes, crocheting, reading a d/or binge watching movies, and what seems like an hour later I look at the clock and realize the day is gone, midnight has arrived and waking someone to tell them I was thinking about them is no way to keep a friend. I did that to my mom once several years ago, fell asleep in a room with dark curtains, looked at my watch when my “nap” was over and saw that it was two o’clock. Unfortunately, with the darkening shades I couldn’t see outside and thought it was two p.m. I only realized my mistake when she answered the phone with “do you know what time it is?” My nap had lasted about twelve hours longer than I thought.

So now, sitting here not getting as bored as I did when I was younger the day goes by so fast that I am far behind on my Christmas gift list. since I try to make as many gifts as possible I just assumed that there would be a lot of time on my hands and even though keeping busy I haven’t stuck to as many projects as I should. I did have some histrionics early this morning to break up the monotony. Took a blanket and another load of clothes down to the laundry room at 3:00 a.m. (best time to get a machine without having to wait) (8 machines in a building of about 200 people just doesn’t do the job when we are limited to three people in the room at a time). Okay, got the blanket out of the dryer and folded it while the second load was drying (only 7 dryers and some of them out of order) and when I went over to take the second load out I noticed a very big, HUGE roach climbing up my pant leg. Fortunately no one was around to witness my reaction as the roach noticed how displeased I was and jumped to the floor and disappeared on the run while I was spraying it with fabric softener and feeling creepy crawlies all over my body. didn’t even fold the second load of clothes, just threw them in the hamper and turned my power chair to “outdoor fast” mode and sped out of there for home. As soon as I entered my apartment I grabbed a spray bottle of something and began soaking everything on the chair and everything in the hamper before heading for the shower to scald anything and everything that might have hitched a ride home on me. About an hour later I tried to sleep but still felt creepy crawlies invading my personal space and headed back to the shower for a second run. At times like that I almost hate to get out just in case something dropped off and was lying in wait outside the door to jump on me again. After the second one though I didn’t feel any of the beasts so decided it was all now in my mind and took a short nap

Now that I’m thinking about naps, it’s dark outside and I’m beginning to feel the lack of sleep last night. Now if I can manipulate this new WP format forced on me I’ll see if this will publish or join 15 other drafts that haven’t done anything when I try to post them. I wonder if I can get a photo on this one? Hmmm, we shall see. If you get to see this one you will see if the photo came thru and if you don’t get to see it you’ll never know I tried, just as you won’t know about the other ones.

Maybe I’m getting smarter, not sure, but I just found my photos. Most of them taken by me, include the quilt I’m working on at present, my little Max a year before he passed away, my bitmoji image, one of the few trees left down at the river, some of the dolls wearing clothes I’ve made for them, and a slogan I found on Pinterest that seems to describe me well. How ’bout that? Now to see if it will publish.

The Sorry Saga Of A Small Remote

I first posted this story a couple of years ago when my remote was MIA. Since this seems to be an ongoing problem for me, now trying to keep up with 4 remotes to operate one TV, I thought it only appropriate to post it again on a day when I’ve been searching fruitlessly for two of them. If I only knew where the on/off button on the TV was located I could shut it off manually, but I think that particular button is located somewhere on the bottom of the set. Not easy for a klutzy person to find when I would have to pull the TV out and upend it to find the button to begin with. So, while I search a while longer for the remotes, enjoy this little tale again, or for the first time if you haven’t read it before.

A small TV remote lived all his life in the pocket of Mama’s lift chair.  One day Mama got a new futon chair, and that night she put little remote on the table next to futon while she slept on that new chair bed.  The next morning as she woke, she accidentally knocked poor little remote off into a trash container that was too close to the table and then added some trash to the container before tying the bag up and tossing it carelessly down the garbage chute.  Poor little remote!  He was sure Mean Old Mama had done this on purpose!  Such cruel old Mama, tossing him away like that!  Well, he would show her.  He climbed out of the bag, inch by painstaking inch.  Huff, puff, rest for a long, long time.  Try again–puff, puff, closer, closer, almost there, puff, puff, huff, puff — daylight!  Success!

Oh!  Not quite yet.  Out of the dumpster, but not back at home yet.  Not even inside the building!  And white stuff coming out of that wide area  above him!  Everything is sooooo cold!  How could Mean Old Mama do this to him?  Wait,  a human!  Follow it thru that opening —- hurry it’s about to close.  Whew!  Good thing I don’t have a tail.  It would have been clipped off!  Oh no,  another opening but closing fast!  Ah!  made it.  Aiee–around a corner?  another opening and that one is closing too.  Nothing stays open!  Two things closing this time – they almost snapped at me.  Yikes, it’s moving!  Stopped!  I’m outta here.  I saw that guy at Mean Old Mama’s once so I’ll just hike down this way and see if I can find my home.  Maybe I can sneak back to my home and hide.

She didn’t even see me sneak under her feet.  Just kinda did a trippy dance like she does before she falls.  She’s never gonna find me way down in here now.  Oh, this is so funny.  She used a light to look in here for me and I was just all hunched down and so quiet she didn’t see.  What’s that funny sound?  Furniture is moving.  My chair is moving.  Mama’s moving it herself!  She’s not supposed to do that.  I heard the doctor tell her not to do that.  And she’s praying to so many saints to help her find me.  What have I done?  She’s gonna look in here again next.  Oh no.  More furniture moving but across the room.  Every place but here.  She just sat down so maybe—.  Sigh, no.  More praying, TV turned off and sad music playing, Mama singing sad songs.  What have I done?  I’ll try to get up from down here.  Oh, she put a book on top of me.

I’ve been here so long.  I can hear Mama still praying but she is so depressed she almost cries.  So many bad things are happening.  Oh, another voice, Mama laughing, dancing, good, I’ll start trying to get up again.  Ohhhh, there’s Mama’s hand—I can see it–coming closer, closer, fingers touch***SHE FOUND ME!  Mama has me again and she’s laughing and crying and saying prayers of thanksgiving and calling people to tell them and I can see the sunshine and she is  programming her DVD with me and now we are watching a movie and she has me in her lap like she will never put me down and now I live on the computer table where she can see me and, whew, we both need a breath!  

And so, my peeps, goes the tale of how my missing TV remote found it’s way back where it belonged.  Now that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


I really don’t have a title for this one. Had to put something up there though, so “Whatever!”

I should begin by wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day. Kick back, feet up, fire up the grill and enjoy the day, but please do so safely. Observe the suggestions from the people who know and wear masks, no more than 10 people per gathering and stay six feet away from each other. If we all do this around the world we have a chance to get closer next summer, but this virus is serious and non-discriminating and just lying in wait for people to get too close this year. We have a chance of getting out alive, but only is we all observe the suggested regulations.

Now, I started thinking about telling this story Sunday morning while attending virtual Mass being offered by my brother. Incidentally, he’s a priest so is allowed to do this — um, offer Mass, that is. I suddenly began thinking about a tall tale my dad used to tell us about back when Mass was in Latin. It seems there was a new young alter boy named Dominick. He was serving Mass for the first time and eager to please. Near the end of Mass there is a final blessing and in Latin the words are “Dominus vobiscum”, English translation — loosely translated — is “The Lord be with you”, and that is very loose because I haven’t used Latin since 1965! Okay, so the presiding priest intoned Dominus vobiscum, and then watched little Dominick head out to the rows of pews and begin to frisk all the gents. He proudly took his loot to the altar and handed it to an astonished priest who then asked him why he did that. Dominick looked at Father and replied, “You just said Dominick, go frisk ’em!”

After this I remembered something that actually happened one Sunday in my parish in Whitesville, KY. I was doing the music that Sunday morning and standing at the microphone that gave me a clear view of all that was happening. Father was supposed to read a letter from the bishop that morning but had forgotten to bring it out, so he tapped one of the servers on the shoulder and asked him to go back and “get the letter”. It was a live view of someone hearing something wrong! I was doing a meditation song at the moment but could see it all, the little boy went past the “letter” on the table in the Sacristy, out the back door and began searching for something while Father stood in the pulpit waiting, asking questions of me that I didn’t have an answer for while attempting to watch the child and not lose my place in the song I was attempting to lead. All I could do was shake my head and shrug my shoulders as much as possible with a guitar slung across them.

As I continued to watch, the child finally found one of the church maintenance men and spoke with him for a moment, then followed him as he went into a shed and finally came out carrying an extension “ladder”. Phonetics are very important at times like this. They reentered the church by a side door because the ladder was too long to bring through the back. Father stood there, mouth dropping open, the congregation slowly caught on to way there was a delay and a few giggles broke out in several places and the little boy and the man strode over to father and delivered the “ladder” instead of the “letter”, which Father, not taking any more chances left the pulpit and retrieved the letter himself.

I never asked why the maintenance man didn’t question the child about the ladder, but regional accents had a lot to do with what the priest said and what the child heard. So, Dominick, go frisk ’em while I go look for a ladder! Have a wonderful day.

Message From Gov. Andy Beshear

This morning I read a message from our Governor Andy that is very well stated and with any luck at all will be able to add it to this post.


From the Office of Governor Andy Beshear:

OP-ED: Bipartisan Election Agreement Puts Kentuckians’ Health First

Gov. Beshear:

Sec. Adams:

Frankfort, KY (Aug. 28, 2020) – In the midst of a global health pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), as a Democratic Governor and a Republican Secretary of State we have proven that we can put partisanship aside to make our elections safer for our people.

We know that working across the aisle to reach a bipartisan agreement, regardless of where you live from Washington, D.C. to Frankfort, Kentucky, during any year, certainly an election year, is all too rare.

We don’t always agree, but we have no disagreement when it comes to protecting the health of Kentuckians during this pandemic, while making sure they are able to exercise their patriotic duty.

On Aug. 14, we announced an agreement to give Kentuckians more options to vote safely leading up to and on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020.

We put politics aside – there was no political “horse-trading”. We knew we had to get this right for the people of Kentucky.

This was not the first time we’ve worked together for Kentucky’s benefit.  Earlier this year when the coronavirus was intensifying in the commonwealth, we jointly delayed party primaries and then quickly reached an agreement to allow those concerned about their health to vote absentee

The result of our agreement, we had near record turnout. We had the commonwealth’s highest primary turnout in 12 years – with both Democrats and Republicans taking advantage of voting options that helped to keep them safe.

We believe the primary was largely successful because we worked together in a bipartisan fashion.  That not only led to a better product, with concerns on both sides accommodated, but it also showed all voters that our new election rules were fair, legitimate and credible.

The plan was not perfect, but we learned from that experience.

Our plan for the general election keeps the best of what worked in the une primary, especially giving voters options to safely cast their votes, and it makes improvememts were necessary, including pushing for more in-person voting locations and faster election results.

During this pandemic, Kentuckians will have more than just 12 hours to vote at one polling place on election Day.

Our plan includes:

Expanded absentee voting – Kentuckians who are concerned about in-person voting due to the coronavirus can request an absentee ballot online at or through other methods, all of which require voter identity verification.  Voters can return their ballots by mail or put them in drop boxes we’re distributing, a first for out state.

Early in-person voting – in order to reduce lines and further social distancing, we’re offering three weeks of early in-person voting, including Saturdays, also a first for our state.

Election Day Voting – While every precinct will be open on ElectionDay, because, for example, some of our regular voting locations are nursing homes, Kentuckians are stepping up to serve as poll workers so that we can open as many locations as possible.  Our plan requires every county to have at least one vote center, where anyone from that county can go vote, regardless of his or her precint – anothher reform for our state.

Finally, Kentuckians who are unable to get a photo ID to vote due to the pandemic – whether because of risk of exposure to COVID-19, or because their clerk’s office was closed – can sign a document explaining this concern, present non-photo ID and cast their ballots.

We know that there is still a lot of work ahead, including educating Kentuckians on their options and working with local election officials on the implementation.


This is my typed copy of this article since I was unable to add the article from the original email I received.  I’m sure there is a way but haven’t learned that as yet.  Any typos are my own, but the rest of the body of this post is typed from a copy of the Governor’s statement, backed up by the Sec. of State, Michael Adams. 

A note at the beginning of the statement is as follows: *Media outlets are welcome to print the following op-ed in its entirety”.  Not sure if I qualify example of how both parties are working together in this state to make it easier for us to vote.  If Kentucky can do it, why not the entire nation?  I know we have a senator who is against anything for the good of the country, but maybe even Mitch McConnell will read the statement and reconsider his out dated stand on everything.


Why Don’t They Listen?

I’ve been mostly in the background lately, but the best place to be when you are watching without being noticed is the background. I’ve checked in WP a few times when I received the threat of this change to the new format being forced on us and have only seen one post that wanted it. Almost to a person I saw posts telling WP they don’t want the new format and yet, here we are. Today they forced it on us, giving us the “choice” of keeping the old format by having to work to find it. This is the fourth time since I began blogging that the format has been changed but each time before it was simple to keep the one we were familiar with. Oh, they switched us to the one they wanted eventually but it just seems different this time. Maybe because of the way the world has changed, maybe because I’m so much older today than I was yesterday. I’m not sure. I only know it’s distracting to have that window blinking at me while I type and that I DO NOT LIKE IT! Granted, I don’t post very often now but I will not apologize for getting older and more set in my ways. And I will not be back often with this new format forced down my throat. At the moment I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said before and now I’ll just say “Good night”. WP doesn’t care and I’m getting to that point also, and while I’ll always love my WordPress family I’ll be spending most of my time just trying to survive in this changed world outside blogging. But I will check in occasionally to see what all of you are up to — it just won’t be tonight. I’m tired. Good night!

Pearl Harbor Day

Not sure why this just popped up on my computer but after re-reading it I decided to repost it and dedicate it to my cousins who sometimes find the blog posts . Not sure anyone read it the first time anyway and too lazy today to come up with anything else.

KYAngel's Reflections On Life

A day that has lived in infamy for over 75 years.  Since I really don’t want to do the math I’m not going to do it for the exact number of years, but it was December 8, 1941 (or was it 1942?).  I’ll admit to being very lax in my history lately, reviewing the exact dates, et al.  The one date I actually remember clearly is August 15, 1945 (I hope), VJ Day when the war that began on Dec. 8 was brought to its conclusion.  My two brothers and I were on the front lawn with Mother, the baby on a blanket she had spread out to keep the grass and bugs off him.  T and I were used  to them, since we played outside almost every waking hour.

By VJ day I had already been served a “chocolate” pie by my sweet older brother (mud was the main…

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Peanut Butter, Bananas and Sewing Machine

I remember some things about last night before I fell asleep in my chair,   I was sewing doll clothes and there was a banana smeared with peanut butter on a plate next to my side.  I clearly remember this.  I also dearly love bananas with peanut butter.  Sliced bananas, whole peeled bananas, bananas mixed in peanut butter — they are all equally delicious.

My next memory of last night  is of grabbing a tissue.  Hope you are not eating here because I have to admit that when I chew the action activates my sinuses forcing me to grab the nearest snot rag, um, tissue at hand,  More blank space where I suppose I fell asleep, and then bang, ouch!  It’s not much fun to wake suddenly when your head falls forward against the sewing machine, but that happened several times during the night because I was determined to finish the doll dress I had started.  I leaned back in the chair for a few minutes to rub my head and sample the banana and peanut butter again.  Reinforcements, you know.  But it just didn’t seem that long before I banged my head against the machine again.  And my banana had disappeared!  Never a good sign.  A few minutes probing and I located a small segment of the banana — in my lap on the lovely magenta pants I had donned after my shower.  The matching top had a round grease spot on it and the gray sweater that had been keeping my warm in my cold apartment was decorated with smeared everything from the peanut butter and squashed banana to the threaded needle still sticking out of the little sleeve of the doll dress that I was hand sewing some lace on.

First change of clothing!  And wide awake, so I cleaned everything, took my seat in front of the machine again and sewed another sleeve.  Couldn’t have taken more than two minutes with another bite of that banana to savor while stitching.  First repeat of the above paragraph!  And another bite of the banana lost — finally found on the floor;  — this time under my socked feet!  The best bite of all because it was the last one.  At least this time I slept on until morning.  And banana in my hair complete with a load of peanut butter.  Lord give me strength!!!

So now, freshly showered again and wearing clean clothes again I am preparing to get out and search for more bananas,  I think my huge jar of peanut butter should hold me for a few more days!

Okay, even this morning things are not working.  I tried to photograph my remaining banana and the huge jar of peanut butter but it seems my brain isn’t the only thing not working.  Huge sigh!  I think this might be one of those days!  Hope you have a good one at least, and that you got a chuckle out of this.  Now see?  You aren’t having such a bad morning after all — unless you happen to have peanut butter in your hair also.

What Makes A Nation Great — Part III

A few days late, but here is Section III in Jill’s series. A bit different, it focuses on some of the good things about the US.

Filosofa's Word

In Parts I & II of this project, I spent a great deal of time pointing out the things that, in my view, keep the United States from being ‘great’.  In truth, the word ‘great’ is a superlative that sets my teeth on edge anyway, but it’s something we should always strive for.  If we strive for greatness, perhaps we can at least achieve ‘goodness’. (Links to Part I and Part II)

Make no mistake … despite its many flaws, some potentially fatal, there are good things happening in this nation, there are things that should give us hope for the future.  I didn’t want to end this project without pointing those out too.

A nation is only as good as the people who inhabit it, and we have, in this nation, millions of good people.  Every Wednesday, I write about some of those good people.  Most all of…

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What Makes A Nation Great — Part II

Here’s Part II of Jill’s post. Please read it and think about what she has to say.

Filosofa's Word

I began this three-part series with yesterday’s post in which I listed some criteria that, in my view, are in large part what makes a country great.  Let’s take a look at how the United States stacks up on some of those …

We have a right to vote, but those who live in poor or minority neighborhoods may find it hard to do so, for polling places may be prohibitively distant, or the hours shortened such that the working person hasn’t the ability to get there.  Restrictive voter ID laws are more likely to disenfranchise poor and minority voters. We’ve seen, in recent months, how hard our ‘leadership’ fights to deny us the right to vote by mail during this pandemic year.  Polling places on college campuses where voters may be more ‘enlightened’ are shuttered.  And, due to gerrymandered districting, every vote is not equal.

A series of Supreme…

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