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Another Thing You Miss

AIR CONDITIONING!!!  Ours is tied in with the water system,  and when the water main went so did the air.  My sweet baby boy, now no longer a baby to anyone but me brought me some water last night along with a fan and an invitation to spend the time without water and air with him.  A nice invitation, but I’m not a very good house guest, especially at night.  I do a lot of roaming around during the night when sleep eludes me and it just wouldn’t be a good idea to keep them awake wondering what I was doing next.  So, I kept the fan on, called the bus to take me out to an air conditioned place today,   and am still enduring.  The water main is fixed but for some reason known only to the powers that be here in the building we still have no water or air.  Temps have cooled today though so  things are better.

I was tooling around one of the stores I decided to visit today during my time out and while spending a few minutes examining a display it seems I took one of my “power naps”.  Not sure how long it lasted, but I woke to see a gentleman in front of me with a concerned look on his face, calling “Ma’am Ma’am, are you okay”?  Another employee was beside him with a device in her hand trying to contact emergency for help for the me, but I assured them everything was fine, just a bad night without much sleep due to lack of a/c and a sudden need for a nap. Since I was able to tell them what day it was and when I was born they were okay with it and I decided it was time to go ahead and check out my 3 bottles of glue and move on to the next store.  I managed to remain awake in that one and stayed until the phone rang a few times with the building news that we should be sure all the faucets were turned off.  Since I wasn’t sure about mine it seemed like a good time to call the bus to bring me home for the day.  So I went thru the checkout there, paid for my fat quarter fabric which really isn’t a quarter of a yard at all, and came home.  It is cooler out now, but almost time for them to leave for the day and still no air or water, but not too bad.  That’s okay, I can cope with anything since I’ve had a few power naps today already and it cools off during the night.  I have water, cherry cokes and ice cream, and what more does anyone need?


Another Day, Another Opportunity


Opportunity to shop, that is.  I hitched a ride with another friend who wanted to go to Target and a couple of other shops in a totally different direction from Wednesday.  I needed some laundry detergent and white vinegar.  I had the detergent in my cart and was looking for the vinegar (which I really don’t think they had anywhere in the store) when she called me from across the store.  She wanted my opinion of some outfits she had found on the clearance rack.  I got a little bit distracted when I was looking at the items she was thinking about so naturally I had to check for a bargain also.  I finally found a beautiful sweater that will go with almost everything I already own had jumped into my cart and taken up residence there.  That seemed like a very good time to exit stage right for me so I headed to the checkout line and after that to a chair in Starbucks for a  little bit of rest and caffeine.

Outside, down the sidewalk to the next shop where they advertised another clearance sale and I found some jewelry that was marked $1.99 each.  I found a couple of necklaces that I fell in love with and that matched several things I have in the closet and wouldn’t you know it, they had also jumped into the cart when I was looking the other way.  I’m wearing one of them now.

Back to the car and heading for home I looked at my friend more closely and noticed we both had on the same top!  Funny I hadn’t noticed that before, but then we were both wearing jackets until that point and our tops had been hidden.  One of us should have noticed it when I looked at some emerald green (but not real emeralds) earrings then found several necklaces in the same shade of emerald.  Unfortunately none of them were on sale and I refuse to pay full price for anything.

Finally home again and collapsing in my chair, feet all tired and swollen propped up and ready to just chill for the rest of the month. And maybe even all of next month.  Plus a few days into March.  and now it;s 40 minutes until midnight and I’m wide awake,even though tired and ready for a long, long nap.  Actually, now that I think about it, I’m more ready for a dish of the ice cream I made after we got home.  So you enjoy the photos of the plants while I enjoy my ice cream, and oh yes, have a wonderful weekend.,


The Sun Was Bright On My Old Kentucky Home


But I didn’t take any photos today.  Instead I went shopping for some groceries.  It was a balmy 22 F outside and as long as there was no wind it felt good.  Of course there was no way to stay out of the wind and go shopping at the same time, soooo, we eventually braved the element and made a quick trek to the car.  Most of the ice had melted on the sidewalk, but there was one really hinky spot where we had to negotiate the ice, both the seen and the unseen black form.  M. was using a walker while I was forging ahead on foot and praying very hard that these boots really WERE made for walking, to coin a phrase from an old Nancy Sinatra song.  Nothing beats Mukluks for keeping feet warm while hanging on to the sidewalk in weather like this.  So, just to thank them properly, last night I dropped a cup of barbecue sauce on them.  (They also make good house slippers when it’s just too exhausting to pull them off.)  They are now adorning my shower curtain rod doing a rhythmic drip, drip, drip, drop drop drop drop.  I have a feeling they will continue the dripping for several more days therefore dripping several more days too.  My curtain rod just isn’t big enough for this!

It is even warmer today — 35 F. when I checked a couple of hours ago, with the sun even shinier than yesterday.  I am considering just going out for a drive today.  Ya just don’t miss out on a day like this in winter time.  The only thing that would improve the day would be finding a tree filled with black olives, a hammock under a perfect tree and the ability to wiggle my nose and make it all happen.  A clone of Mel Gibson and George Clooney put together would make it perfect!  Oh well, it just isn’t happening and wiggling my nose just makes me sneeze so back to reality, well, soon!

Had visitors last night — Jerry, my neighbor brought over some of the stuff he picked up for me at the store, bringing Angel with him.  Some day I hope to get a photo of Angel but she is a little bit shy right now.  It’s not taking her as long to get over it now but I’m not going to push or shovel her into a corner.  She eventually comes over and lets me know in her own doggie way that she is ready to be picked up for a brief moment and I can respect that.  Of course it probably helps that I keep bribes, um, snacks available for all of my furry visitors.  

Okay, I’m outta here.  Might be back inside in seconds, but it just looks too nice out there to stay cooped up inside,  Gave a good rest of the weekend!  A

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