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Can’t Think Of A Snappy Title



Sunshine on snow — at least briefly, from my window yesterday, 1-13-18.  Usually when the weather people predict this stuff it never happens around here.  It hits every other place around us, but the river usually protects us and diverts the white stuff to the Indiana side.  I have wondered why we are getting it this year and might have come up with the answer.  At least it’s an answer I like, so I’m going with it.  Mama Ree loves snow and we just never get enough for her, so this year, with Sam now in heaven (and I truly believe he is there),  he is making sure she gets enough to keep her happy for a while.  And with that sense of humor of his, I don’t dare go outside for a while because he would probably slap me in the face with a snowball!  I’m not too crazy about the stuff and yes, I know what we got is nothing compared to other parts of the country we have to contend with the fact that it is out there lying on the ice that came first.  So far the temps have been well below freezing so it isn’t leaving the parking lot here and the less traveled streets.  The building management has a firm policy against cleaning it off the sidewalks and parking area here, at one time stating that if they leave it and we are stupid enough to go out on it anyway we deserve whatever happens. (Paraphrased comment)  As is usual in this town someone will have to be seriously maimed or killed before the policy is changed.  I love this place in spite of the less than ideal management and the downright stupid rules they seem to think we accept without question as the truth.

I shouldn’t say the above out loud but it becomes an exercise in silly at times and it all has to come out.  All in all however, it is the first place I’ve felt at home since leaving the farm and I have yet to figure out why!


I’ve been updating my kitchen for a while now, one item at a time, and this dishwasher magnet is one of the latest finds.  It sure goes with the overall rooster theme that began in the kitchen and has now spread all over the apartment.  So, while I’m trying to get myself together enough to prepare for the funeral in the morning, I’m gonna stick a few of the latest photos here.  You might get one of the scene outside our freight door also if I remember to add it.  Part of the entrance is clear (went down to get the photos this morning, opened the door and didn’t freeze!)  Enjoy the photos while I’m working on getting my clothes together for morning.  Then I’ll have to take the laundry off the shower chair and the shower rod tonight so I won’t have to do that in the morning while I’m still walking around in my sleep.  And praying the snow that is supposed to begin at nine a.m. doesn’t happen.  My chariot won[t get far in that mess.

101_5552 101_5551 New rugs in kitchen, nicely padded to help reduce fatigue.

101_5569  101_5568  Rooster mugs and plates 

101_5536  101_5565




But oh, yes.  Snow on top of ice that started during the night.  I woke during the night and heard the ice hitting my window and the chill started with the sound! Purely psychosomatic, but I’m still shivering more than twelve hours later.  The wind is picking up again and my internal temperature is dropping rapidly.  It’s not a good night to wander out of the apartment, and I might end up breaking my own rule and turning the heat up before much longer.  Chee!  the more I think about it all the colder I’m getting.  Funny how the brain works — and I only have half of one cell left!  More than that and I might wake up frozen solid in the morning!


My photos were taken from the floor to ceiling window at my end of the common hall while my neighbor and I were joking about the dirty windows.  I had to scrunch down and aim from the lower part to find an almost unobstructed area, and within a few minutes he was doing the same thing.  It just occurred to me that I could have taken a few other photos while we were there, but after we started talking and watching his little puppy, Angel trying to get down for an elevator ride I just forgot about the other photos.  And now I really do have to add more layers or a thick blanket because it is getting cold in here for real.  Take care, and stay warm.  As for me, I’m praying for a better view on Monday so I can get to the funeral.  Missing you, Sam.  I hope Mama Ree is finding some pleasure from the snow.  She loves it!

A Strange Place For Those

A few days ago I wrote about wishing I could be Samantha — the lovely witch from “Bewitched”.  Yesterday I discovered I’m more like Sofia from the Golden Girls.  I’ve always said I wouldn’t mind being Sofia, but honestly, after searching for my dentures for a couple of days it was extremely strange to actually find them in the dishwasher.  After they had gone thru the wash cycle.  Maybe if I had checked there before running it I could have had them earlier, but I have to say it was a decided shock to the system to find them nestled in a cup in there.  They are very clean and fresh though.  I guess I’m fortunate they are still intact, but I was so relieved to find them it just didn’t occur to me that they could have been damaged in the process.

101_5530My Christmas/birthday bouquet, a gift from my brother and sister-in-love, is still fresh and beautiful, with a couple of exceptions.  Three of the blooms are faded and now in a borax concoction being dried.  I just hope I remembered the correct recipe for the drying solution.  It’s probably time to check them to make sure they don’t over-dry in there, but the container I put them in is my latest missing object.  Some day I really will begin writing down all locations of the things I put where I won’t forget them.  My memory is almost 3 seconds long now, if that much.  I have put so many things down on the table next to my chair, turned my head for a couple of seconds only to turn back and start to pick up the object to find it has disappeared!  I don’t really know how that happens but it is getting to be a habit now.  The jewelry pliers I was using early this morning finally turned up in the kitchen.  On a stool yet!  With my scissors!  I just don’t even bother asking any longer because it’s a relief to find them still in the apartment.  If the day comes when the stuff starts showing up out in the hall I’m heading for the nearest place for people like me who could become a danger to themselves!  Loony bin time, ya know.  As fast as I can get there.

So, how many of you are ready for spring?  As far as the weather goes, count me in!  It’s just plain cold out there!  It actually warmed up to almost 19 F. today but we are under another wind chill alert.  It might be different if we had just a small bit of snow to make things pretty from the window, but the sunshine is deceptive, giving the illusion of warmth while the cold wind slaps us in the face when we (or someone else) open the door.  You know it’s bad when you have to wear a heavy coat to pick up the mail in the building.  For some reason each time I go down someone comes in both the front and back doors at the same time, creating the same wind tunnel we always seem to have outside.  Up here on the 16th floor level we get our own wind tunnel on a daily basis.  I have to wear a night cap to keep from becoming flash frozen during the night when the wind is blowing against my window.  Most times it sorta feels like the window is open.  I know it’s not because I check on a daily basis, but there are apparently a few leaks around the frame.  At least I love bundling up in several layers of clothing during the day and a stack of blankets at night, while there are several micro-plush throws all around the place.


Most of my decorations are down now, some of them even put away.  A few don’t have a home yet since they were added this past year, so I have a large stack in the other room just waiting for me to wiggle my nose and create space for them.  Much easier said than done, I can tell you that for certain.  Only a couple more things to take down and I’ll tackle the other room.  Right now I try to avoid going in there, but I just remembered the laundry that is waiting for me.  I guess this means it’s time to wind this up and get down to the laundry room!  I really hate having to search for clean clothes when most of them have been worn a couple of days and just hung on the clothes tree waiting their turn in the machines.  Ya’ll take care now.  I’m about to become the laundress.  A