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Reunions, Heat Wave and Fun


This year is almost half over — Sunday being the halfway mark, and I’m just beginning to fully realize we are already in 2018!  Time just seems to move so quickly lately and I’m wondering if that is because I’m getting (?) old — the question mark is because some days I feel like I’m still in my twenties, and then there’s today!  Today, with our heat index above 100 F., storms in the forecast for the next few days and my bones letting me know with an almost noisy statement that I must be over 100!  The only thing about that is that I know a lady who is 106 and she gets around better than I do and looks 20 years younger than I am today.  She is my hero!  But I try to ignore days like this and remember the other days when the weather is better and I don’t have the “forecaster” joints, some of which I didn’t even know I had, letting me know there’s stormy weather on the way.

Next weekend, July 7 to be exact, about 140 to 150 members of my family will meet at one of our favorite parks for a family reunion, the first in almost 18 years.  We are all looking forward to the reunion, family members are coming from all over the country and we already know we will need name tags to identify each other according to family.  My cousins as well as siblings, come in age groups from the Senior group — my group, to the ones who were born so many years later they are younger than my children.  We keep in loose contact on Facebook, but if I had to point some of them out it could prove very embarrassing for me.  It’s not that my razor sharp mind (lol) is slipping, it’s just that I’ve never met some of them!  

I’ve heard there are 50+ of my first cousins still living out of the huge group of us, and most of them will be attending– I hope!  Kudos to my cousins, Patty, Mark, Janet, Diane and several others who have done the planning for this affair, and sorry I couldn’t mention every one of them, but they have done a wonderful job working to make this happen for all of us.  On the menu is the best barbecue chicken in the world, using the family recipe for the sauce, and all kinds of sides.  I’m not sure about all the menu because the chicken is the star of the party!

Last week one of my brothers took me riding around and one of our stops was the park where the reunion will be.  I said something about wanting to take a photo of the old wagon at the entrance of the park so on our way out he stopped the car and took these photos for me.  Many thanks, bro!  We all grew up in that area and it was almost like going home to visit the area again.  It is one of my favorite places in the area with trails that lead off in every direction around Panther Creek, each trail with its own special memory for me.  I often took Max for walks out there and we explored every one of the trails, with Max continuing to pull at his lead until we were so far out that I think he knew I would have to pick him up and carry him back, at which point he would sit and refuse to budge.  I knew his tactics though, so I had scoped out every rest area on each trail and always made sure to stop at each one so I would not be too tired to stand and wait him out.  I sure miss that little mutt!

This was Max’s favorite place.


Visiting Angel

The three “angels” in my life — my still lamented Max, always ready to pose when the camera was turned his way, top right, Angel, camera shy and with me at the moment, bottom right, Tessa, my buddy from the 18th floor, celebrating her third birthday today.

I still miss Max, eight years later but almost like he passed this morning.  Angel and Tessa do their best to fill the empty place but they always have to go back home before the day is over.  And while I had a great montage of the three on the screen a few minutes ago, my computer burped and they disappeared, meaning I now have to go back and try to find them again. Wow, success!  Makes me wonder if I should just close this one out now and add a second post later.  Almost lost them again, so later—-