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Why Don’t They Listen?

I’ve been mostly in the background lately, but the best place to be when you are watching without being noticed is the background. I’ve checked in WP a few times when I received the threat of this change to the new format being forced on us and have only seen one post that wanted it. Almost to a person I saw posts telling WP they don’t want the new format and yet, here we are. Today they forced it on us, giving us the “choice” of keeping the old format by having to work to find it. This is the fourth time since I began blogging that the format has been changed but each time before it was simple to keep the one we were familiar with. Oh, they switched us to the one they wanted eventually but it just seems different this time. Maybe because of the way the world has changed, maybe because I’m so much older today than I was yesterday. I’m not sure. I only know it’s distracting to have that window blinking at me while I type and that I DO NOT LIKE IT! Granted, I don’t post very often now but I will not apologize for getting older and more set in my ways. And I will not be back often with this new format forced down my throat. At the moment I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said before and now I’ll just say “Good night”. WP doesn’t care and I’m getting to that point also, and while I’ll always love my WordPress family I’ll be spending most of my time just trying to survive in this changed world outside blogging. But I will check in occasionally to see what all of you are up to — it just won’t be tonight. I’m tired. Good night!


Another Day, Another Opportunity


Opportunity to shop, that is.  I hitched a ride with another friend who wanted to go to Target and a couple of other shops in a totally different direction from Wednesday.  I needed some laundry detergent and white vinegar.  I had the detergent in my cart and was looking for the vinegar (which I really don’t think they had anywhere in the store) when she called me from across the store.  She wanted my opinion of some outfits she had found on the clearance rack.  I got a little bit distracted when I was looking at the items she was thinking about so naturally I had to check for a bargain also.  I finally found a beautiful sweater that will go with almost everything I already own had jumped into my cart and taken up residence there.  That seemed like a very good time to exit stage right for me so I headed to the checkout line and after that to a chair in Starbucks for a  little bit of rest and caffeine.

Outside, down the sidewalk to the next shop where they advertised another clearance sale and I found some jewelry that was marked $1.99 each.  I found a couple of necklaces that I fell in love with and that matched several things I have in the closet and wouldn’t you know it, they had also jumped into the cart when I was looking the other way.  I’m wearing one of them now.

Back to the car and heading for home I looked at my friend more closely and noticed we both had on the same top!  Funny I hadn’t noticed that before, but then we were both wearing jackets until that point and our tops had been hidden.  One of us should have noticed it when I looked at some emerald green (but not real emeralds) earrings then found several necklaces in the same shade of emerald.  Unfortunately none of them were on sale and I refuse to pay full price for anything.

Finally home again and collapsing in my chair, feet all tired and swollen propped up and ready to just chill for the rest of the month. And maybe even all of next month.  Plus a few days into March.  and now it;s 40 minutes until midnight and I’m wide awake,even though tired and ready for a long, long nap.  Actually, now that I think about it, I’m more ready for a dish of the ice cream I made after we got home.  So you enjoy the photos of the plants while I enjoy my ice cream, and oh yes, have a wonderful weekend.,