A study in frustration

At least it feels that way! It’s already another day since I sat down with the computer and began checking email and updating Facebook. A study in frustration all in all. Hmmm, I think now I’ll change the title!

There, that’s done. I spent most of Saturday attempting to move furniture and get rid of stuff I haven’t used or worn in the past couple of years. I ordered a table and chairs a few days ago and thought it would be the usual several weeks before delivery. WRONG!!! They were delivered Thursday and I didn’t have the stuff cleared out yet. So now they are sitting in the way while I try to clear some stuff I don’t use out of the apartment. When I have to take it to the dumpster with my power chair it is very slow going. Doesn’t help a bit that I can’t lift most of it into the opening of the dumpster either because of my left shoulder pain. I’ll end up with some kind of back ache from all the lifting and shoving of stuff that I’m moving out of closets and corners.

I’ve also been making more doll clothes for a silent auction being held to raise money for medical bills for a little girl (2 years old) who was beaten and burned allegedly by her babysitter. There were no witnesses to the abuse so the sitter hasn’t been charged with the crime yet. She has been questioned by the police several times and gives different answers each time, but without witnesses it is going to be difficult to prosecute.

I had hoped to post a photo of Royal Jolene but just can’t find it. Just another frustration for tonight. She is a pretty little girl when you are looking at her face. Her legs are horribly scarred from the burns she suffered on January 25, 2021 and she has to wear garments to cover them all day every day. Since there is no place in Kentucky to get the changes she needs due to natural growth, she has to be transported to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville frequently for the replacements. Since it is out of state Kentucky Medicaid refuses to pay for it.

Royal’s grandmother is a friend who lives in my building and she is collecting articles to put in the auction. I also can’t find the information on the venue for the auction, but have put several dolls in the auction and am still making more clothes for the dolls to be auctioned with them or separately, depending on how things look on the day of the auction.

As for making a hole for my table, I will be working on that the rest of tonight and for several more days, tripping my way around it in the meantime. Wish me luck there!

it’s been too long!

I haven’t been posting lately. So much going on in my life that I’ve been overwhelmed with it all. Back in December I wrote a post about my brother and his death. On Friday his funeral will take place somewhere in the mountains surrounding Colorado Springs. My youngest brother, a priest, is there now to preside over the funeral Mass, using a stone as an altar and the entire universe as a cathedral. I wish I could be there.

It has been a long time since my last trip to Colorado. I always came home exhausted and sick. Then I was told I have MS and that the altitude there could make me feel lousy. Hmm, that explained a lot. I’m in a remitting condition now! Not sure why or what brought it on, but between the exhaustion and the headaches most of my day is spent draped across the recliner praying for a merciful death! Not something I fear, and also not something I plan on taking into my own hands, Just something I feel when the MS acts up. I’m perfectly normal, whatever normal is, when it calms down. No energy most of the time but having lived with MS since ripe old age of eleven (11), I’ve been used to it all my life. Just didn’t know there was a name that went with that lack of energy back then.

It’s good to be out of most of the confines of the latest pandemic. I’m so used to wearing a mask now though that I still grab one on my way out the door. It’s nice though to feel the breeze blowing on my face and feel heat from the sun (when it shines). It was also nice to have the masks during the winter months when I drove my power chair to the grocery. I lined several of the masks with flannel and it kept my face from freezing while I was out in the elements. I might continue to wear them during the winter because of that. The fogging of glasses was a real bummer, but they fog up when I go inside after being out in the cold anyway. A friend told me it would help to use shaving cream on them before I went out. Of course I tried that but it didn’t help the fogging. It did make the lenses cleaner than anything else I’ve ever used so I keep that on hand now and when I remember to clean them (usually when I can’t see my hand in front of my face) I use the shaving cream. It’s amazing how much your vision improves when you clean your glasses,

We’ve been through a lot around here. The latest and worst news came on Mother’s Day when my older son called to inform me they were unable to come for a visit. He and my daughter-in-love were both seriously ill with COVID. Not something a mother ever wants to hear. Fortunately they are both recovering now and last Sunday he was at my door with a bag of chocolates.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Two of my latest dolls and the dresses I made for them.

it’s out!

Last night, after a day of agony from the needle in my foot I removed the dressing prior to the shower time and an inch long piece of metal popped out. Now I can’t decide if it really was a needle or a pin, or even a paperclip. I called a Podiatrist yesterday for an appointment to see if he could get it out for me, or at least try something. If I had known that was all it would take to get the silly thing to come out on its own I would have made the call on Monday!

So now no more antibiotics, no more warm soaks, no more big bandages, just a little band aide for a few days to cover the site it went in and then, barring my finding another one the same way, I’ll be okay. As i told my son, my foot is now as empty as my head! I really must try to remember to wear shoes though. I’ve caught myself a couple of times jumping out of the chair and starting across the room barefoot. Way too much for a brain dead person to remember.

It was a lovely trip to the doctor’s though. Green grass, green leaves on the trees that had finished blooming, and blooms on so many of our dogwood trees. I didn’t notice any azaleas today, but we weren’t exactly on a sight seeing tour, so if it is as pretty tomorrow as today I’ll sail forth in my power chariot and take a tour of our “Dogwood and Azalea” trail, just a few blocks from my building. If not very pretty I’ll hang out at the library for a little while. It’s been forever since I visited there. At least it has seemed like forever to me.

One of my favorite emojis
One of my earlier dolls, now living with her full time mama.

Hey, it seems that a lot of things are beginning to shape up here. I actually managed to insert a couple of photos before the beginning or the end of the post.

Third try for country girl

Okay, this is the third time I’ve tried to write this post. After two failed attempts on Saturday and Sunday I’m very fed up with WP. It is supposed to save my drafts, and once upon a time I could always find them. Now I don’t even remember how or what I was talking about, but the drafts are gone. Part of the disappearance can be traced to my hitting a wrong button somewhere but not all of them. Even if I hit something the draft should not be affected.

So, one more time.

I tried to use “You can take the girl out of the country” as the title, because I grew up running around barefoot. Hence, you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl”! To this day — rather, until Saturday, I run around the apartment in socks only. Last week I noticed my foot was swelling, so I started doing what I usually do — pick at it myself and then ignore it, hoping it would go away. Well, sometimes it does. Not this time though. By Friday there was some serious pain in my foot. I called my son for a ride to an Urgent care facility, kinda knowing it should be x-rayed. He was working the cattle on the farm and didn’t get the message til late, so we decided he would take me on Saturday morning. And on the way, I casually said “I won’t be surprised if they find a needle in there”. JINX! Got there, they did the x-ray and the technician turned to me with a puzzled look on her face and told me it looked a lot like a sewing needle was embedded in my foot. I had to laugh at that one. That’s usually the way I find needles and pins that I drop, unless they are in my chair and I sit on them. It was usually a joke, but not this time.

The doctor, who had told me I would need a wound care specialist at first came back in and told me I would have to go to the ER. And I had so hoped to avoid the hospital. That’s where sick people go! I just have a needle in my foot! Hmmm, maybe that means I really am sick. A needle that they told me had been in there for a few weeks? I always knew I was crazy, but really, aren’t we all in some way? Personally, I enjoy my form of crazy!

So, okay, in the ER and my son was allowed to stay with me but my daughter-in-love got to go shopping. I should have traded places with her, done the shopping while she waited those long hours for someone to come in and see if I was still alive. Not that I want her to get a needle in her foot, just all that waiting on a hard bed in an uncomfortable position.

Finally, about four hours later, they came! Armed with the tetnus shot I needed, a surgical pack, and another needle about a foot long to deaden the toe area where the needle went in. And also some tweezers! I won’t elaborate on the next hour or so. Mike went out to get some lunch, and suffice to say I wish I had gone with him.

The end results were the needle is still in there. It’s in too deep to get out with tweezers. Hopefully it will work its way out on its own, but worst case, I have to have it cut out after a round of antibiotics does some magic. I hope it does some magic, anyway. Now to decide who to call for the surgery part if it stays put. for some reason they always think everyone has a surgeon for every condition, a specialist for each different condition, a GP, cardiologist, opthomoligist, probable a psychiatrist in some cases — like a person who gets needles stuck in her foot. Whatever happened to the old country doctor who took care of the whole person? Bet there are a lot of people out there who don’t even know that was ever an option. But I remember mine. Dr Threlkeld. I think that’s the correct spelling. It’s been a long time. He did it all and charged $5 for doing it. I’m still paying off last year’s broken leg and now I’ll have this as well. And I don’t even want to know how much this one will be.

Anyway, to sum it all up, I’m now an uptown girl, wearing shoes while I’m awake and up. And today I spent an hour or so picking pins up off the floor. I also spent a few hours dropping those pins while sewing, so it all worked out. If I got them all, that is.

Just hope I don’t find any more the hard way. Now some of the country is gone out of this country girl!

Another try!

I’ll try this again. Maybe I’ll continue to try but no promises. I don’t know if it’s my computer or the format lately, but nothing I have written in a few weeks now has made it to the public view after I hit “Publish”. Half the time I can’t even find the button to push, so I keep telling myself it’s not worth the aggravation. Being a rather stubborn female I keep on trying, and trying, and trying. It almost reminds me of the pink bunny, but since I have no energy at all lately I’m not sure what that rabbit is representing — or is it still representing anything at all? Now that I think about it, I can’t remember seeing any of those commercials lately. Maybe I’m extinct and haven’t realized it yet. Maybe I’m actually living on another planet and can’t remember the trip. Now that I give it some thought, I can’t remember dinner tonight. I have a feeling I forgot to eat it, but then, I have been snacking most of the day.

I found a Snoopy cartoon on Pinterest a few months ago that really hit home. Snoopy has gained a lot of weight, and the caption reads, “After the virus looks”. I can relate. My diet used to be good, eating a lot of veggies and good for me foods. Since the pandemic it consists of a lot of comfort foods — barbecue potato chips, ice cream, candy, cake, pie, and possibly the worst of all — buffalo chicken wings! They are delicious but I can’t seem to get enough, unless of course, I choke on them. There’s just something about fried food that tastes better to me at the moment than the healthier baked version I used to eat. Fried catfish, fried chicken, fried potatoes, lately even fried baloney sandwiches! Covered with cheese! And washed down with my cherry coke! Followed by a large helping of homemade ice cream liberally covered with chocolate syrup! It’s a good thing I broke my leg last year and not this one. It would take the entire fire department to get me on a gurney this year, while a year ago one person was able to pick me up for the transfer.

I’ve been going out more lately than during the months before I was vaccinated. Been to visit my aunt two times since they lifted the quarantine at her nursing home, even saw my cousin last week when we both visited at the same time. We used to both visit on the same day as a way to keep in touch but now? So much change. As you may know, I don’t adapt well to change lately.

Okay, I’m going to attempt to add some photos of my dolls and then try to publish. If you don’t see this it will mean I didn’t make it!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Well, I found the photos but most of my dolls have kinda disappeared. If I can ever find my camera again, the one I put away where I could always find it again, I’ll be able to put more photos on here. It’s difficult to find them right now after updating my computer after installing a new driver. What a mess these things can be if they stop working! That’s okay though. I have a good program that helps me repair them.

Dinner time and I’m in hog heaven!

when march arrives

can spring be far behind? The sun has come out today, a sight we had lost track of lately with first the frigid weather, then rain, but now it’s big, it’s yellow, it’s in the sky and it’s radient. It must mean spring, but lately, who really knows? While most of the country east of the Rockies had snow we had ice, sleet, black ice and finally a couple of inches over it all, just to make walking out there challenging, I don’t think anyone in the building fell and broke anything this year, but really I can’t say for certain because I’m stuck in my apartment observing the quarantine while so many are out running around sans masks, acting like nothing on earth is bothering them. Now that I think about it, they really aren’t bothered by it all while the ones trying to stay healthy are all locked away and out of sight.

Not a lot has been happening. Or maybe it has and no one noticed. Kinda like taking your guitar to a party and not being asked to play back in the old days when we went to parties, I don’t think I would remember how to act at a party these days. Now that I think about it, I’m betting I would not be able to host one again. My social skills have redeveloped into something more akin to staying home and watching TV while my hair and waistline expand a bit more every day. Hopefully the waistline is tapering off now. I know this because I had to change my jeans back one size this morning after pulling up the larger ones for the dozenth time.

It’s really late in the day now and I’ll bet no one noticed I was gone. So glad I didn’t have my guitar with me all day waiting, LOL. I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and get some groceries before I ran completely out. I’m happy to say I can now make a chicken sandwich, but not much else because I focused mainly on getting the ingredients for caramel candy. And now I’ve just finished making that, poured it in a pan to cool and time will tell if I have to crack it with a hammer or eat it with a spoon. I’m sure it’s too much to hope that it will be just right. At least the taste is there, and for me that’s the best part. I have plenty of spoons if it comes to that. It’s just hard to send it to people thru the mail when it runs like the first batch of the year.

My good friend, Beck called while I was stirring the candy and we talked the entire time. She lived here at one time, came down with COVID, and now has moved out of this place, something I plan on doing as soon as I can find a place with wheelchair accessibility. I’ve seen some of the virtual tours of a few places that are so nice, but no ramps or elevators. I actually have never tried to drive up a flight of stairs but the little bit of common sense left tells me not to try that stunt. Seems like with all of the stair climbers they make these days there should be at least one affordable way to get a power chair up steps without an elevator. Maybe in someone’s lifetime, just not in mine.

It’s well after dark now, but according to the clock it’s not very late. Not sure if Daylight Savings Time is to blame or not, but it darkness continues well after I get out of bed in the morning, so it must be a cloud settling over me, like that kid in the Peanuts cartoon. I’m just not going to hold my breath waiting for spring to pop out. Blue faces just don’t look too good with my hair color.

Had a few more words written up there but they suddenly disappeared so my resident poltergeist must be at work. I think I’ll go rescue the candy before he gets a chance to make it disappear. I can do that myself. Make it disappear, that is. Of course I would never make it through the door again if I do that. Okay, I’m gonna stop rambling now before I get so lost in a thought someone will have to draw me a map to get back.

Well, I managed to find some of my photos but not exactly the way I had planned. So sorry about that, but I couldn’t find a way to erase them or to crop them. I guess I still have a lot of work to do to learn how to manage this crazy format. I sure don’t like it any better now than I did when they first came up with forcing it on me.


Last week I received my second COVID-19 vaccination shot. I have heard so many things about the vaccination, both pro and negative, so went into it with trepidation. I’m allergic to so many medicines and vaccinations that I expected the worst. Happy to say I received the best. I keep wondering what kind of needle they used since I never felt the pinprick at all and questioned the person administrating the vax if it had really been given yet. She laughed and assured me it had been and I was okay, placed a cute little bandaid on the area and told me to stay there for about 15 minutes in case of a bad reaction. I actually enjoyed the short stay because for the second time in a year was able to visit with some friends while waiting. We all observed the social distancing and were all talking at once because we were together for the second time, the first time being the morning we all received the first stage of the vax series.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the second, having heard from several people, including my youngest son, that several of them had experienced a bad reaction to that one, but it has been five days and no problems for me, although I have heard a few people speak about feeling nauseous after receiving it. Of course, one of my best friends admitted he always felt nauseous at the thought of being stuck by a needle. I guess we all hate the thought of needles. It just doesn’t seem normal to be stuck on purpose by needles for any reason, but one thing for me is that my MS has affected my ability to feel pain, so I seldom feel anything at all. Good? Sometimes.

One bad time was when I stepped on a piece of glass and it was embedded in my foot. Didn’t know it was there until a few days later. By that time there was some infection setting in. Not too sure about whether to go to the ER or not, I simply covered it with Neosporin and a bandaid, called my mom to ask if she thought I should get a tetanus shot even though I knew I was overdue for one, and was so happy when she told me I would probably be okay without. I really don’t recommend skipping that for a wound, but took her word that I didn’t need one. After all, she raised seven kids without benefit of ER visits and we all made it to old age.

Now all I really want is nice weather, temps in the 60’s, lots of sunshine and a nice long visit with family and friends that has been impossible for over a year now.

Realistically I know the pandemic isn’t over yet, but I can almost see a light at the end of a long tunnel and hope has returned. I know people are still dying from this disease and the mutations that are popping up all around us, but stll I hope! Always I hope.


In two weeks it will be a year since I fell and broke my leg.  Three weeks later I returned home and the world had changed.

My aunt had been quarantined for a month by that time but the rest of us were still living as usual when I fell. She has been alone most of the past year while the changes have been taking place!  I was alone here during the year, but i was not locked down.  I could still go out as freely as I wished, but discovered how much I didn’t want to go!

My year has been spent working on sewing doll clothes!  The dream was to give the dolls with complete wardrobe to a thrift store that catered to foster homes, not charging the family at all if they couldn’t afford it.  We were sure the pandemic would be just a bad memory by Christmas .  that all would be well.  There would be a cure.  

  WRONG!!! A strange year. Friends have been lost to COVID-  19! I’ve reached saturation point. I don’t read the paper now, don’t watch the news.  I don’t want to know!  I want my old life back.  I want to put dolls in the arms of little girls who need them.  I want to be there when my brother’s ashes are scattered at one of his favorite places! I want my old life back.

I want to see my aunt again!

Cats and other fun

I received a message from my friend Jill about some of her cats peculiarities and it reminded me of the many, many cats we had on the farm. Since we also had dogs, some days were like living in an animal circus.

In the beginning I had a German Shepherd that my husband brought in to me one night a couple of weeks after our wedding. I have loved German Shepherds for most of my life, after taming one my dad brought home when I was about twelve. It almost became a victim of Highway 81 when he strayed too close to the road and almost got hit by one of the coal trucks that passed by us every five minutes. His name was Duke, if I remember correctly, and after that close encounter he ran up to me for the first time without his teeth bared and a growl in the throat. I held him close and spoke to him for several minutes and after a while he stopped trembling and just snuggled up to me. No one else was able to play with him, but after that incident he was my buddy — until Dad decided he was dangerous and took him back to the person who gave him to us. It broke my heart, but I was only one out of dozens who were happy to see him go.

So, anyway, my first animal on the farm was a German Shepherd puppy, named Duke after my first one. A few weeks later my hubby brought in a baby racoon that had fallen out of its nest, thinking I would be afraid of it. I named her JoJo, and now had two pets of my own. They had joined my hubs own dog, a coon hound of all things, as part of the family. Since the hound was old and just wanted to sleep all the time there were never any problems with our animal family until — the next rescue he brought was a cat with five kittens.

Samantha, the cat, was a gift for our daughter, and was kept inside the house after a few close encounters of the worst kind with the dogs. By that time JoJo had a family of her own and as soon as they were old enough they all went back to the woods and their normal wild living, so the cats seemed to be just what was needed to round out the family. The kittens were named after the favorite TV detectives. We had Stansky, Hutch, Colombo, Cannon, and Dillon. Okay, so Matt Dillon was a western sheriff, but he was also a favorite of most of us (and I still watch Gunsmoke to this day). Mama cat was named Samantha, and after the original five had outgrown house cat status and welcome they became barn cats, gravitating there each time they had escaped the confines of the house before being left out one night by mistake. Samantha was a cat only a mom could love, claws extended all the while, but my daughter was wild about her.

Time passed and Samantha’s time came round again, so one of her friends smuggled her tomcat in to play with Samantha. A few weeks later, Samantha gave birth to seven this time. Oh, daddy was a solid white cat while Sam was gray, so from that litter we got one white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. He was named Thumper. I think that was the name given after he was weaned, while one sister, who had endeared herself to us all was also kept and named Priscilla. My hubby loved to play with the cats when he came in at night, inventing all kinds of toys for them to chase, but one day he noticed that each time I used the electric can opener the cats all came running to the kitchen, thinking they were going to be fed again. The sound of the opener was usually followed by their food dishes being filled with the combination of wet and dry food I gave them, and even though they were only fed one time a day they couldn’t tell time except by their stomachs. They bolted the food in the morning and were ready for more as soon as the can opener was heard. Thumper could be heard bounding across the floor from wherever he had been hiding and into the kitchen. Pris was always a lady, making a dignified entrance. Naturally pushing the button on the can opener became hubs favorite pastime after that.

Now as for Priscilla, she was a lover. She curled around our necks and purred in our ears constantly. And I do mean constantly! Not so bad during the day when we were all awake, but at night she alternated victims, choosing from the three kids but always beginning in my bed, wrapped around my head and purring in my ear. LOUD purring! Like a buzz saw purring. After I pushed her off for the third time she would move over to hub’s head. He would shove her out into the living room and shut the door. She seemed to need to show her love for her humans though so undaunted by being shunned twice, she moved on to the kids rooms. We could only chuckle into our pillows as she picked on the boys, being pushed off with a few choice words by each of them before finally seeking refuge with her mom and a sure welcome in our daughter’s room. I’ve never understood why she didn’t go there first, unless possibly her mom pushed her off in there.

These cats also spent time outside — each time the door opened they sped out until finally they only visited inside once in a while. The number of outside cats seemed to grow, and each year we had two new white cats with one blue eye and one green eye, all tamed in some way by my husband who could be seen at all times walking around the farm with a cat on his shoulder.

The only photos I could find were of Max, my Pekinese, but none of any of the cats. So here’s Max as a puppy. Since this was his first day with me the rope was the only thing I had to tie him outside for the time I was cleaning out my car.

absence of pain with ms

Some of the latest dolls and clothes:

So, here’s the deal.  A few days ago I decided to make monkey bread, you know, cut up some biscuits, toss in melted butter, roll in cinnamon sugar, load in pan and bake.  So simple to do.  Such a mess to clean up when it goes wrong!  Didn’t have a problem putting it all together and getting it in the oven to bake.  Getting it out of the oven was when it all hit the fan.  At least I wished it had hit a fan rather than hitting my hand, my jeans, my socks, and even worse, the floor!

I am mostly to blame for it all, taking it out of the oven with one hand and then trying to balance it all with the other.  I knew it was going as soon as the pan cleared the oven.  Reached out with my uncovered left hand and felt a fast sear of pain as the pan tipped, covering the left hand with melted butter, cinnamon sugar, and pieces of biscuit before hitting the floor.  Two seconds of searing pain and then nothing.  I knew though to get the hand under cold water asap, and I held it there for a long time, not even noticing my jeans were covered with the same mess until later. As soon as all the gunk was off the hand I cut a spike off my aloe vera plant and squeezed the juice on the burned area, topped it with sterile gauze and held it on with an ace bandage that I kept in the freezer for things like this.  Ya see, it’s not the first time I have burned the same hand, usually forgetting I should grab a potholder before grabbing a pot that is coming off the burner.  Not that I’m getting old or anything, just using my head to hold my hat on instead of using the brain.  

Funny thing about having MS.  It causes the myelin around the brain cells to die, keeping the nerve receptors from letting the brain know it should be sending out signals that protect people from injuring themselves and being unaware that it is serious.  Thus a few seconds of pain that is so reduced in intensity that I have to take care of it immediately before I forget something is injured.  On the one hand, I don’t hurt physically as much as others with normal brains.  On the other hand I have several injuries that I don’t even know about because I don’t feel them.  This can lead to infection of the wound, and when it gets serious I DO feel pain.  Still not as intense as it used to be before the myelin was gone, but I could live in a bubble and still manage to get hurt.  It has kept me from getting tetanus shots when I probably needed them, but it has also allowed me to continue what I’m doing until forced to stop by the fatigue, another of the fun things about MS.

Fatigue!  My worst enemy!  The source of years of being labeled by family and friends, all of whom have labeled me lazy, no good, not much of a woman:  Hurtful things when only I knew there was nothing left inside to work with.  I knew better but had never heard of MS at that time.  No one in this area had heard of MS.  There was only one time I heard about it — when  Annette Funicello  told her story of the battle she fought with it.  I was in my 50’s before I knew I had it.  An “orphan” disease, incurable, still nothing at that time to fight it.  It’s still an orphan disease with no cure, but now there are some medications that can help control the symptoms.  I’m allergic to them all.  Lucky, huh?  The fatigue was finally explained, as were the debilitating headaches that sent me to bed for weeks at a time, as well as the clumsiness and the falling on my face so often.  And still, 67 years after the symptoms began, there are still the labels attached to me.  And there are still people who think I’m lazy.  My mom never believed the diagnosis to her dying day and some family members doubt the problem exists.  I stopped driving a car when my vision became so bad that I almost caused a wreck because I didn’t see the oncoming car as I pulled out in front of it.

Yeah, vision!   Blindness, in my case it comes and goes.  I’ve been totally blind for as long as three days, while some folks have been blinded for life.  Some days I have perfect vision in both eyes, most days I have been able to see well with one eye only if I shut the other one.  

There are thousands of people in the world living with this disease.  And yet it is still an orphan disease, mainly ignored by the public.  We have two awareness months every year — MARCH AND OCTOBER!!!  But MS is ignored both of those months, overshadowed by breast cancer, a disease that strikes so many, including my sister, but has protocols to fight it into submission and remission.  MS, never mentioned in ads during those months, seldom the recipient of donations to find a cure, is ignored.  MS actually is more prevalent than breast cancer in some areas, yet is still ignored.  I guess we live longer so it doesn’t matter to many that our lives are ripped apart because of it.  Few people even know about it.   If it comes down to it, there are people living miserable lives not knowing they even have the disease.  My symptoms began when I was eleven years old.  I was diagnosed when in my 50’s.  

No two people have the exact symptoms, so it’s not easy to diagnose. I think I would be correct in saying that a lot of us are labeled “hypochondriac:” because MS symptoms are diverse, imitating other diseases, seldom even considered by doctors inundated by true hypochondriacs who take up their time and wear out their patience when there are so many who really need their help.

Okay, no more whining. It’s a sunny day and I’m going to grab my power chair, winter coat and a blanket for my legs and get outside for some fresh air, or as much as can be breathed in by the facemask. With no immune system of my own and a working sinus infection going on I sure don’t need to be around people who might have something I really don’t want to share with them. We have a lot of them in this building!

Having Fun With MS and other sob sories