Embarrassing Moments From The Past

Actually a few more recent ones as well. I’ve spent my life as a klutz, walking into furniture, misunderstanding things people say, generally just being a clumsy but hilarious person. Of course, I had to get over being embarrassed about everything first and that took a few years of total misery to accomplish.

One of the first times I remember was the night my older brother was chasing me around the house, a rather small house we could run around in circles through the accommodating open doors from room to room. Since I just knew big brother would never do anything to cause me harm I wasn’t concerned when he put a sheet over my head first. After all, he was older and smarter, or so I thought!

Sheet added he told me to run while he tried to catch me. Being only two at the time I did what he said, seeing only what was revealed under my passage but not any hazards coming up. Unfortunately my doll bed was one of those hazards that night and I hit it full force. Not too much damage except to the eye tooth that had begun to emerge! That tiny tooth had a root system that was unbelievably long. My first visit to the dentist was the next morning when Mother loaded me, along with the tooth, in the car and we discovered the entire root system had been lost and that particular tooth would never come in. Well,even the old family dentist could be wrong about a few things. Fourteen years later I felt the usual itching in that area that had always indicated a tooth coming in. And there it eventually was, my eye tooth, emerging crookedly into my mouth and fully visible when I smiled. A senior in high school finally cutting a tooth that should have been there so many years earlier! It was a couple of years before I smiled without covering my mouth because for some reason my new tooth came in crooked with brown spots on it.

The next one I remember was the day I was helping my granddad gather eggs. Not wanting to run to the basket each time I found a nest and gathered the eggs in it I was saving time by putting the eggs in the pocket of my new dress. After deciding to swing on the gate at one of the cow stalls it seemed only natural that as soon as I got on it the cow would decide to exit that stall, sending me back against the railing that hit just about the right place to break the eggs in my pockets. So icky! Even my pretty patent leather Mary Janes got an egg bath from the pockets full of broken eggs. I climbed the fence and made a mad run for our house across the pasture, but it only delayed the teasing for awhile, Someone had seen the incident and told the rest of the family gathered there that day. If only I had know about shampoo and the wonderful shine eggs could give the hair that day I would have made my fine head of hair look like something from a salon, but that’s the way things go.

Later in life I found myself tripping over cracks in the sidewalk, one of them while on roller skates. And wearing another new dress. During lunch break at school. Falling flat and ripping that lovely new dress from the top of the skirt to the hem. With a few more hours before the bus came to take us home from school. A little hazy about the outcome there, but I think I hit the road for home while trying to hold my skirt together and showing minimum amounts of my slip. My mother was a very accomplished seamstress and was able to repair the skirt with nearly invisible stitches but each time I wore it all I remembered was that fateful day when it was ripped open. I didn’t even notice the bleeding cuts from the gravel until I got home.

Now to reenter high school. For our Senior trip we all decided to wear the pleated white skirts that were so fashionable at that time. BUT, mother couldn’t find the fabric for a white pleated skirt. She found some red pleated fabric and made my skirt out of that. It was beautiful while on the hanger but during an extended bus ride to Nashville on that warm day, squirming in the seat and being totally uncomfortable, when I stood up to exit the bus I first noticed the pleats in the back of the skirt no longer existed. Just a sort of ballooning in the back of the skirt. Not too cool. And in a strange city with a long day ahead to walk around with a ballooning rear in front of all those people!

Exit school days and enter the work force. My uniform pants had a crease down the front of the legs that was not exactly hidden from my view when I put them on before leaving for work that morning but I managed to miss that. Kept wondering why they were so uncomfortable but couldn’t figure it out until arriving at work and sitting through the morning meeting. Back to my cubicle and tried to put something in the pocket that wasn’t where it should have been and only then noticing they were on backward. Tried to sneak into the restroom to fix the situation before anyone noticed but of course it was noticed then. By the only person working there who was a bigger klutz that I was. I did my charting in my car that day and by morning she had managed to get her skirt sucked up in the vacuum system at the filling station while trying to clean out her car so my moment had passed almost without notice — until my 3 year old grandson called to tell me the way to know the front from the back was to look for the label and make sure that was always in the back. Who squealed?

Many years and many miles later I can see the humor of it all but when it was all happening it just didn’t seem all that funny, Somewhere along the line I’ve developed a sense of humor that was too embarrassed to show itself while younger.

Hope you all had a good day today. N0w if I could only learn to put my fingers on the right keys while typing….

It Seems Like A Losing Battle

KYAngel's Reflections On Life

So it’s a good thing I’m such a stubborn woman!  I just checked in Facebook and found one of my memories from 3 years ago.  In it I was bemoaning the fact that this laptop and I were not getting along well.  We still aren’t!  I think the problem is still the same.  I try to free up space on the drive and then immediately fill it up again.  I’m a collector, hoarder, lover of photographs and apps and dolls and floral arrangements and sewing and quilting and pretty fabrics and — hmmm, I can’t think of much else off hand.  Good thing though.  I was holding my breath while typing that and I think my complexion is now kinda bluish.  Of course some of that could also be due to my sinus problems that seem to increase as the day wears on.  Gonna have to get busy inventing that…

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MS and the Month of March

Once again it is MS Awareness month, shared with Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast Cancer has always received the most press during our shared months, but now maybe someone should come up with a ribbon for COVID as well. I’ve heard rumors about cures for breast cancer, I know there are vaccines for COVID, but still there are no cures r vaccines for MS, one of the truly orphan diseases. It gets two months of awareness per year but for those of us living with MS there are no months of respite at times. It just keeps on going and going but not as cute as the Energizer bunny. More reliable than Timex though, it just never stops completely even though it sometimes slows down a bit. At least it used to slow down a bit for me but for the past few years it just keeps on and on with the fatigue getting worse every day.

After saying it doesn’t slow down I have to admit I’ve had a short energy spurt these past couple of days. And true to form when I get an energy spurt I tend to overdo things a bit just to catch up on the things that have fallen by the wayside during the other months. So I’ve been moving furniture lately. One chair has been where my kids placed it 7 or 8 years ago while another one has been in the same place the 22 years I’ve lived here. My lift chair is kinda heavy so I seldom even try to move it but a couple of days ago just decided to give it a nudge from the usual place next to the window where the cold air was getting in. The first little nudge worked so well that I got behind it and gave it a shove, I can now sit there without wearing a fuzzy hat and muffler to keep the cold off my head and shoulders. Now that I have started that I’m going through papers that were stacked behind the chair on some shelves that were too close to get to and getting rid of a lot of trash that way. Looking at some of them makes me wonder why I ever saved them in the first place, and why I kept them in the second place. Recipes for dishes I have never tried because each time I came across one that looked good I wanted to try it. Just never got around to actually doing that for most of them and the ones i have tried and liked are now in recipe binders. Ya know, big stacks of paper get kinda heavy after a while and I think I’ve personally filled the big dumpster a couple of times without even trying. And always shaking my head at the waste of paper and ink involved.

I’m also going through the bins of fabric, pulling out all of the tiny scraps that I once thought I would sew into a quilt. I still make quilts but it’s been a long time since I used a postage stamp sized scrap in one. And half inch strips of fabric? I have to wonder if I ever used any of those since each seam is a quarter inch one. I think — no, I know I am a hoarder when it comes to a lot of things but happily I’m recovering from that lately. I do find myself wishing some of those tiny scraps were a lot larger though since the fabric they came from was so pretty. But of course, there are also the scraps that are so ugly I wonder what I was thinking about when I bought them. Probably not thinking at all at the time, but now out they go.

Speaking of quilts, I’m working on one now for a granddaughter who is getting married in April. It won’t be finished by her wedding day but she will know it is coming soon. Now to see if I have a photo of it:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Since their favorite colors closely resemble mine I had the red and navy they requested already on hand for some future occasion and this turned out to be just that occasion. The quilt has several names, depending on how the blocks are set together and I think this setting is called Windmill. In another setting it can be Flying Geese or Birds In Flight among several others that I have forgotten after the 65 years since I began quilting. One of my favorites though, whatever it’s called.

I’m still dressing Barbie and some other dolls even though I’ve slowed that down until the quilt is finished.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Still fun to do and lately I’ve been finding more of the needles I’ve dropped over the years — most of them under, inside or behind the chairs I’ve moved as well as the shelving units that are being scooted around each time I open a new place for them. Some of those are just being dismantled since I don’t need them all after tossing out the papers and fabric, but I’ve learned to hang on to the shelves until the end of my energy spurts puts me back in the chair. I’ve given too many things away thinking I’ll never need them only to discover that I actually do need them after all.

Ah well, while the MS allows I will be getting back to it all. One thing about an energy spurt is that I don’t need much sleep until it’s over. I have wised up enough to know that a rest break every 15 minutes is absolutely necessary though. Old dogs can learn new tricks after they break a few bones due to ignoring the obvious. Remember, wear orange at some time this month is support of the millions of us with MS who are still here.

Title Five

Second attempt at writing this. The first attempt is floating around somewhere in space — possibly some of the space in my head, but I will swear I never said that! I suppose having it written here could be a deal breaker, but ya just never know. I do know one of my kids would never let me live it down. Actually both of the boys and at least two of my brothers.

I don’t remember what the lost post was about, but then I’m not sure what my name is at the moment. Actually I’m never sure what my name is, but the worst is when I’m trying to call my kids by their names. It always upset me when my Mom would call me by her sisters names before finally getting to mine. Well, it now seems that I have completely turned into my mother. Maybe not completely, but when it comes to my daughter I sometimes use both sisters names before remembering hers.

On that same note, I’ve been noticing lately that I begin a sentence and right in the middle of it just completely forget what I’m talking about. I couldn’t be getting that old even when I look in a mirror and notice the lines and wrinkles on the face of the old woman looking back at me. Nah! couldn’t be me. I’m forever 25. Of course I have to add shipping and handling to that and S n H charges have increased at an alarming rate over the years.

Whew! almost lost this one too. I’m getting faster at times in not hitting the wrong thing that sends my words into oblivion, but there are still the moments! I really hate those moments when I notice it has all turned blue just a nano-second before it disappears. Big sigh! I’ve also deleted other things on other sites, so at least it isn’t discriminating against any particular application.

And at the moment I seem to be sticking myself with a pin that is stuck in a seam of one of the doll dresses I’m doing the finishing handwork on. I think that means I should cut my losses and send this one on out while I still have the chance. Bye for now.

Real Men Refuse to Grow Up! — Mitch Teemley

Once again Mitch gave me something to laugh about. Personally I’m in my fourth childhood and still play with dolls. It’s good to see other people have the same philosophy and I’m not alone on a deserted island of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

I don’t play, I multitask. For example, I’ve discovered I can save time by peeing in the shower — that’s not immature, it’s practical, right? Seriously, though, if it’s wrong to lock up a child, then maybe it’s also wrong to lock up your inner child. “The most sophisticated people I know – inside they […]

Real Men Refuse to Grow Up! — Mitch Teemley

Title Four

Okay, just began and on the sidebar there is a note about how to get rid of toenail fungus. Really? Are they trying to tell me something? Okay, just got rid of that and for the record, I don’t have toenail fungus. I have some pretty long toenails but they are all my regular ones with no fungus. I just know you all want to know about that!

Well, now the toenail fungus thing is gone but replaced by the weather outlook. I can look out the window and see what the weather is doing and my advice to a cousin recently to not depend on what the weather experts say but go outside and look at the sky and the ground and be your own forecaster stands. If you are standing in a puddle of water it is probably raining (I’ll refrain from mentioning the other possibility), if you are standing in a bank of white stuff it means snow, or possibly you might need to call Ghost Busters, and if the sky is bright blue with a big yellow ball in it you are having a sunny day. I admit the sun has been very scarce around here lately, but I do remember that it is big, round and bright and will blind you if you stare at it. What I wouldn’t give to see the sun and feel some warmth from it right now, but it seems gray is the color of the day lately. Oh gee, I just looked at what I’m wearing and it is gray pants, gray shirt and gray sweater. Tonight I’m going to find all my red clothes and put them all on for tomorrow.

At least this weather is giving me time to sew more. I’m doing the machine sewing now and have a bag filled with things that need hand stitching for later after I put the sewing machine away again. Or after I manage to get a room in the nursing home. Whichever comes first.

This weather has me remembering January of 1978. My first and only blizzard, I hope. While it was kinda fun I sure don’t want to see another one of those and sure feel for all the people stuck in blizzard conditions right now. That year it started the first day the kids went back to school after the Christmas break and lasted into early February, with the kids being sent home from school at noon. The old farm house we lived in had very little insulation so I brought the mattresses from the beds into the living room, hung quilts at the doors and windows, shutting that room off from the rest of the house, and making it a cozy place for us all to ride out the storm. I had the crock pot in that room bubbling away with the stew I had started for supper and a stack of books to read to the family, board games for the kids, tomato juice I had made during the summer for my scratchy throat, candles for possible electric outages which never happened, and space heaters in the necessary room just off our living area. The snow continued a few days and with the wind blowing we had 15 to 20 foot drifts outside the house. I loved that time. It lives on as one of my favorite memories of all times. Not one I want to relive in real time, but one I enjoy thinking about once in a while. Probably when I have a high fever, but at the moment I don’t. Just feeling nostalgic I guess.

I think it’s time for another nap so will say goodbye for now. Stay tuned for Title Five coming soon.

In the meantime, I’ll look for more photos to make things prettier next time.

Title Three

And away we go with the third title post. Maybe some day they will stop telling me to add the title. After all, most of us are intelligent enough to know if we are going to write a post it should really begin with a title. One of these days I think I will NOT add a title just to see if anyone notices. That could be interesting.

Well, our winter storm watch has begun. My area seldom sees snow, but do we ever have ice! We are now expecting an inch of ice, or maybe it was an inch and a half with an inch of snow covering it. The ice scares me more than the snow — that is, if we only have snow. But now with the ice storm due to begin in an hour or so (IF, of course, we can believe the weather bureau) we could have some outages in the electricity department. Most of us have been to the grocery, or called the grocery for delivery, and there have been some notable shortages on the shelves. Bread and milk were some of the things I saw in several carts when I went out to Kroger yesterday — or was it the day before yesterday? This time of night makes me forget just what day was which. Hard to believe it is now Thursday and already February.

February is birthday season here. Or maybe I mean it begins birthday season, with Don having a birthday on Washington’s birthday, Mike not having one at all until year after next, or the next Leap day, and Gina, the oldest of the three, having hers in March. Every Leap Year their days are exactly seven days apart, but with the regular calendar and Mike left out of the equation, it sorta loses the smooth feeling of the years when Feb,. has that extra day.

As you can probably tell, I really don’t have much to say today — tonight? I’m just really trying to get to my reader so I can read Marisa’s post from yesterday. Each time I click on the address I am redirected to my own site and expected to write something. At least it doesn’t ask me to write something intelligent because at 12:45 a.m. CST the most intelligent think I can do is yawn. I’ve said the word now so if things work out as usual the yawning will begin very soon. Any time now. Ah, c’mon, I wrote the word and I would love to sleep a little bit before daylight.

Speaking of daylight, it has disappeared by 4:30 every afternoon and doesn’t show up again until close to 7 a.m. I can’t be totally certain but it sure does seem as if those hours are not the same times as back a few years (or is it decades?) ago. I wouldn’t be sitting here spouting nonsense if it weren’t for the fact that I began a printing job a couple of hours ago and have another hour at least before it will be finished. Some day I’ll learn to begin earlier or wait until morning. If I ever get wiser. Or grow up. Or think before I begin.

Title Two

I sure wish they would stop telling me to add a title so I could come up with one of my own, but as long as WP says “Add Title” I guess I’ll have to continue to do a title series.

It was so nice here yesterday that I went out for a short drive, drinking in the 66 degree F that we had. After a couple of weeks of single digit temps it was wonderful and since the forecast was for the rain that we are having today it looked like the only time for enjoying some sunshine and warmer weather. And today I’m hoping the rest of the forecast will be wrong since the weather people say freezing rain and snow for tonight. Anybody else tired of winter?

According to a groundhog if Pennsylvania we have six more weeks of winter ahead. Just when did we all get so wrapped up in what a silly overfed groundhog has to say? My apologies to the people in Punxsutawney for denigrating your groundhog. I’m sure there is a reason for us to give credence to whether he sees his shadow or not, and he probably has more weather sense than most of the forecasters we put our faith in every day but why not use the lowly woolly worm? You know, the darker the wool the harder the winter?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Well, I’m not sure if any of the meteorologist’s with all of their fancy equipment can really know about what is going to happen weatherwise, but I do have some faith left with the animal kingdom. If the weather is going to be bad they take measures to protect themselves while we two legged members turn on the TV weather and at least in my case, pretend to know just what a bunch of lines on some graph paper really mean. I also think we could all be weather forecasters. Just go outside and look up and around. If you are standing in a puddle that is getting deeper and you see drops of water coming from the sky then it is raining. If nothing coming from a sunny sky you should probably call the water people to ask about a possible water pipe leak or a water main break. Same with snow: cold and white stuff all around and still coming down you can bet it is snowing. I guess that makes us all capable of being weather forecasters.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I hope all of this comes out okay. I’m feeling adventurous today in spite of the weather, so these photos all came from Pixels.com. They are all out of line on this area so I’m anxious to see if they work in the regular post. Ya all have a good day and Happy Groundhogs Day to all the groundhogs out there.

Title (That’s what they asked for)

I’m not sure what this will be about if you want the truth. I thought about something like “When COVID hits home” but that has been covered so much it didn’t interest me enough. I will say however that my youngest son and his family are recovering from it now. My grandson got it from someone at work who came to work even though he “felt bad” that day. Typical in this area even though the hospital is overcrowded and the workers are over tired and overworked. I think I’m glad now that I am retired. I can only imagine what the folks at Hospice are going through right now.

My older son and his wife weren’t able to visit on Mother’s Day last year because they had the virus. Today they are still having some problems from it, but at least they are feeling better. Several people in this building have had it, some have died, and yet everyone is running around without masks and sitting at tables in the activities room in touching distance, chair by chair occupied with the people who have nothing better to do than mind everyone’s business but their own. They are quick to let you know that they don’t gossip though. Just ask any of them.

Okay, no more about that. I’m walking around the apartment using a walking boot now, usually with a walker but in the past couple of days I’m using two canes for short distances. That’s what I call progress. On the other hand the X-rays show a sewing needle is in my left foot. My best guess is that when I fell it went in because it wasn’t there before. Now I’m beginning to feel it working its way back out — fun feeling. I sure hope it pops out soon without having to have the doc working on it again. I’ve been through this process before and it wasn’t much fun.

Most of my time is spent sewing. Barbie is getting a lot of new clothes and I sometimes wish I could fit in them. It would require some serious shrinkage on my part, but it would be fun. Of course I would also have to lose several years as well since most of them are prom type dresses and it has been a long time since my prom days were over.

I got some wonderful news Friday. My granddaughter called to inform me that she is now engaged to her long time boyfriend. I am so happy for them I could bust wide open. She is so beautiful and I only wish they lived closer to me. She comes in occasionally, but with the virus still such a threat we are all trying to stay close to home. And Frankfort is so far away these days. That’s Frankfort, KY in case you are wondering.

That made me remember something my brother said one Sunday during his homily. He mentioned the fact that we grew up in Rome and how excited people would get when they heard that. But then he would explain that it was Rome, KY and the excitement would kinda die out. Kentucky has a lot of famous name towns, Oklahoma, Paris, London, but then we also have Turkey Trot, Pumpkin, and Friendly Village which is now the name of the area we grew up. And these places are all a short drive from here. I wonder if people were homesick for the places they left behind when they named Paris, Rome and London, but that’s one we may never know.

Time for me to get up and stretch my legs out again. I’ll also continue my search for my cable so I can charge the power chair. Might need it again one of these days. Then again, maybe there will be a miracle and I’ll have an energy spurt and be able to walk without any kind of aid again. Now that would be a real miracle for sure!

Just a few Barbie outfits.

I Wonder

What is this world coming to?  I don’t read the paper or watch the news now because I’m not sure I want to know what is going on out there.  It’s getting difficult to keep my head buried in the sand though.  Not much oxygen down here.

I wonder what kind of world my grandchildren will live in.  But my biggest wonder is about my great-grandchildren.  Will they ever have a chance to lie on their backs on a green grassy lawn and watch the clouds changing shapes in the blue sky?  Will they have trees to climb or front porch swings to dream on?  And will they even have air to breathe that won’t choke on?  We’ve done such a wonderful job of destroying everything we touch.  Use it up. repair it, and use it again was once the way of life but now it’s just spend, spend, spend.  Wear it once and throw it out is now the way of life.  And I admit I’m probably more guilty of this than the next person.  I have a small apartment overflowing with things I don’t need.  For that matter some of them are things I don’t even want, just went through the catalog and “had” to have.

I’ve started asking myself if I “NEED” these things or if I just want them.  It is a difficult choice for me because collecting stuff has been my substitute for love that has not been there for a long time.  Someone lets me down and I buy something to fill the empty spot they left.  I find I can’t really count on some of the people I was sure would be there when I need them so I buy something to assuage the pain.  Only the pain remains and is accompanied by guilt for buying more stuff.

A few years ago I wrote a poem I called “No U-hauls” based on something I heard from a friend.  I’m not sure what happened to the notebook I was using at the time, but a few lines were as follows:

I look and look and find the stuff I know  that I must have, But I know for sure as someone said There are no U-Hauls behind a hearse.”

The sun might be coming up soon or it might be cloudy today.  We might be getting rain or snow.  It isn’t up to me there,  But one thing I’m sure of is that morning will come but I wonder what the day will bring.

The Good Old Days!  If only we had known!

Having Fun With MS and other sob sories