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Frustration First Class


What’s that old Murphy’s Law saying?  If things can go wrong they will go wrong?  Whatever it is, today was my day to live thru Murphy’s Law.  First thing that went wrong was waking up at 2:15 a.m, looking at the clock, dropping the clock while attempting to pull it closer to my face, breaking the clock, getting up to find another clock I could check before remembering to grab my glasses — well the list could go on and on, but in the interest of trying to forget it all I’m gonna close this subject now.

Second problem arrived when I actually got out of my nest.  Stood up too fast and hit the floor even faster. Aren’t things supposed to go into suspended animation when ya fall?  Life passing in slow motion, an hour spent falling before hitting a part of the body that was never built to take that kind of punishment?  Can’t remember how many times I’ve fallen and nothing like that actually happens to me, I just stand and then I’m no longer standing. Nothing passing before my eye (almost blind in one, so yes, singular eye,) but frequently a very sharp word or two when I finally hit the floor, not to mention a few practice breaths to make sure the lungs are still inflated.  Of course once I hit the floor I try to finish out my sleep for the night.  A very stunning situation.


My orchids are looking pretty good lately, especially since I added some artificial stems to a few pots that are still dormant.  They look almost lifelike now and keep the illusion of having the blooms around forever — or until they deteriorate, whichever comes first.

Okay, still just trying to see what this blog will look like if I ever decide to make it fly.  Have a good one, if anyone is out there!