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I’ve Gone And Done It Again!


Just when I thought my computer woes were behind me I hit a button, and in my case it could be any button because I’m not sure which one did it, and once again my computer screen went blank.  I found it again just a few minutes ago, not sure how or why, but here it is — at least for the moment.  Sometimes I think I’m either a complete idiot where this machine is concerned, or a computer genius with the ability to keep it running without ever knowing what I did to fix it all.  The only thing I know for sure is that is is free of viruses and other little bugs, because I ran a scan and fixed ’em all earlier today.  Hmmm, that could very well be the problem.  Each time I “fix” it lately it erases everything on the screen.  Maybe my best bet would be to stop fixing stuff.  Not sure if that would make it work or just make it all boring.

Mercy goodness, I just looked at the clock and it is well after midnight, Jan. 2, 2018 here.  It seems strange to write that number already.  My brain cell is still functioning on last year’s time — last June, to be exact!  And after sleeping most of the day to make up for being awake most of last night I once again have my days and nights mixed up.  Big sigh!  Just when I thought the insomnia and whatever it is that makes me want to stay awake all night and sleep all day were under control.

Today I spent a few hours putting a lot of the Christmas decorations away.  My Nativity scene is still out and will be for a few more days, the lights in the window are still on, but that won’t last much longer.  Maybe.  I do enjoy looking at them all night so it’s a tossup whether they will ever be unplugged for the year.  One gift remains unopened, waiting for a visit from the recipients to pick up, but I made sure I like everything in the package in case my sweet baby forgets to stop by to visit his sweet Mom (that would be me!)  He’s terribly overextended time-wise, plus he’s a lot like me when it comes to visiting people.  Once I get myself motivated, and if I’m still able to function by the time I am ready to go, all is well.  It’s the getting ready that makes me stay at home though, plus the choking problem I continue to have.  I can handle it here but in a different situation it’s not always easy.  Guess I just don’t want anyone watching when it happens.


Another photo of Tessa, a frequent visitor, asking me when I’ll stop what I’m doing and pay attention to her.  Who can resist a face like that?  Have a good week everyone.  A.