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A Pain in the B**t

100_4573I really mean it!  I have a pain in the bottom of my top.  I’m not sure of the scientific name for it, but I think the doctor told us the common name is “Weaver’s Butt”.  Hmm, okay, I guess now I’ll have to learn how to weave just to live up to this condition.  Always wanted to learn that art, just not the part where it attacks the way I sit.  Some things should remain without names, ya know?  Kinda like the mental pictures you get about any strange words.

Consider the word “pea”.  Had a discussion with one of my brothers about that word.  He was agreeing with me about not really liking them and we were talking about them when I suddenly felt that urge to go. I told him to just say the word again and think about the connotations implied;  “PEA”.  Think about it for a while and see if you can figure it out.  My brother is coming here for Thanksgiving dinner and I was going over the menu for that special day.  You can bet there will not be any peas on my table, in my lap, or on my face that day.


Just a little bit more here.  I now have a great-granddaughter, born almost 2 weeks ago.  I’m still working on the fact that I have 3 great-grandsons, but now, with the birth of  Victoria, it is all way too real.  Ya see, her dad is my very first grandson, Alan.   I might some day post a photo of them, but not this time.  Suffice to say she is  beautiful and that Alan and Maggie are going to be wonderful parents.

Okay, now I’m gonna try to find a less painful way to sit back and do something creative — anything to keep me from having to look at the huge mess I’ve made of this apartment while trying to find an easy way to walk.  Anyone who has ever had a pinched nerve know  about the pain, now just think about the sciatic nerve — you know, the one that starts at the hip and goes down the leg.  Nothing ever hurt this much in my entire lifetime.  Well, almost nothing.  During my last pregnancy the sweet little girl gave me a few kicks in the nerve each time she woke up and stretched.  That’s one I’ll never forget, but just doesn’t seem like it was as severe as this time.  Ah, well, this too shall pass.  Sure wish I knew when though.  So, everyone have a good day/week/month, whatever floats your boat.  I’ll be back later — if I actually survive the ordeal of picking up the 75,001,795 beads I knocked over on the floor.  Funny though, I can’t remember purchasing more than 50 beads to begin with.  Not sure how they keep multiplying down there.   My pencils do the same thing when I drop them.  Drop one and end up picking a dozen off the floor.