The Angel Award Revisited


A few years ago I decided to create an award of my own.  The name “Angel” award seemed to be self proclaimed, and with the more than able help of a friend, Don Charisma, the wonderful man who designed this version, it became reality.  My idea was for something that would stand for silly ideas like PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, BROTHERHOOD, you know, impossible dream ideas.  The world of my dreams, almost like, should I even say it?  Highway 81, in all of my best glorified dreams.  The dreams I’m attempting to write about, based loosely on my childish  wishes of how to create Utopia on Highway 81.

Don’t get me wrong here.  To me, Highway 81 will always be my little slice of heaven, populated by my cousins and all of the wonderful friends I grew up with.  We didn’t have a mountain, like the Waltons, or a prairie like the Ingalls family, but what we did have was a few miles of a narrow, twisting road with coal trucks whizzing by all day, two narrow bridges that marked our boundaries for a while, a creek with grape vines to swing across on, the smell of honeysuckle and new-mown hay in the summer, well, now I’m getting homesick for 1950!  I’ll share more another time — maybe.

Avni — my Angel is for you.  I already told you what to do, just jumped ahead a few days on posting her.  Namaste


9 thoughts on “The Angel Award Revisited”

    1. I’ve tried to find him, but no luck, Irene. I hope he’s okay, but again, we are both older now — he’s close to my age and the last I heard was still in Thailand. That could have changed many times over though. The post I found was from 2014, but couldn’t find anything later than that one. Still looking though.

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      1. He stopped blogging by personal reasons, Angie. He said, that he could come back one day, so we must just await and see. His blog existed last time, as I checked it, but no updates for years. A very good friend, we must wish him all good luck.

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  1. I absolutely wish him well. I have also stopped several times when my sites were pirated and I just lost heart.. Something keeps me coming back even though it means most of my friends have trouble finding me again, but it works out. The blog is my way of just saying my own things and if it makes someone else happy that is a good thing. I do tend to be a mama hen to everyone though, making me worry about the chicks that are not accounted for.


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