My Indoor Garden

100_5661.JPGOne of my succulents with all of the babies surrounding her.


Miss Jade, showing some new shoots trying to come on with new growth near the roots.  Not to mention the pretty bloom she is showing off!  She’s loving her spot in the sun.

The lucky bamboo is still relatively new and I still don’t know much about her, but she is lovely and growing like a weed, so we are doing something right.  I’ve wanted this one for a long time and finally found her recently — not exactly the one I had envisioned but still one I love, so she lives with me now.  Loads of research to do to make sure she will be raised to her capacity and promise, but I do love my research — eh, most of the time.  Kinda frustrated at the moment, but at the moment just tryin’ to figure out why my music plays but doesn’t make any noise.  Of course, the noise more than makes up for the lack of music!  But I digress!


A few more of my indoor garden plants, most of them succulents, all of them happy and soaking up the sun on the days she shows her face.    We are slowly warming up now, even though we remain under flood warning, but some day even the rivers will go back inside their appointed places.  Or someone will draw new maps giving them new appointed lines!  We’ve tried to tame them way too long and now they are sorta like my waistline — busting outta that girdle and insisting on their freedom from all restraints!

Whew!  Ya’ll have a good night.  I think I’m gonna run outside and get some deep breathing exercises in!


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