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Looking at Stupidity –

A footnote to this from Mariopsis (hope I selled it right).  On Friday a mandate from Governor Andy Beshear made wearing a mask in public mandatory.  I like that but wish people would use commen sense during this pandemic and being legislated to use common sense, a rare item it seems, would not be necessary.   The number of confirmed cases in Kentucky now is more than 19,000.  Most people are upset with this mandate, feeling they are being denied some freedoms.  Personally, while I respect their right to their opinions I also have some freedoms, like the right to live without fear of people who would pass this virus on to all they come in cntact with when wearing the mask is such a simple way to slow down the spread of the disease.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out and the link!! I’m still confounded that people still won’t wear a mask, I agree 100% that if they don’t want to wear a mask then they should confine themselves to their own homes!!!

    ps – you almost got it right. murisopsis: broken down muris means mouse and opsis means vision/view. Sort of a description of my blog…

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