Wakey, Wakey!

That’s what we hear at 6 a.m. every morning lately. I guess it’s so everyone will be awake and dressed by breakfast but there are a lot of days I want to throw something more solid than the pillow at them. Not completely just for breakfast though. At 6 a.m. they also want us to come to the medicine room and stick our finger, not exactly one of my favorite pastimes. My fault though. I just HAD to eat so much candy during the worst of the pandemic and raise my formerly under control level kinda higher on the scale. But what else could I do? I made the candy for my family but they weren’t able to come during those bad days and somebody had to eat it. And really, homemade caramel candy will keep only so long and tossing it because of mold would be a bad idea.

And I forgot to mention the extra pounds, didn’t I. Um humm, no place to go and no one visiting to share the caramels with, all that butter and sugar and sweet cream all cooked together.

I haven’t mentioned Asher this morning but then I haven’t heard any updates from my son today. He will get back to me eventually and I’m learning a lot about patience. According to my mother: “Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. It’s seldom in a woman, and NEVER in a man! Sorry guys. I didn’t write that, my Mother said it frequently while I was growing up and I have to admit I was not above using it with my own kids.

Oh, joy! The message I was waiting to see just came in. Asher’s lungs still are not opening well so they will continue the oxygen for another 7 to 10 days, lowering it a small amount at a time. But he is resting well as hopefully you will see now.

Asher, resting on his side for a change.

This isn’t exactly the way I wanted it but at least I finally got the picture clear, if not a bit smaller.

This is not working the way I had hoped it would.

4 thoughts on “Wakey, Wakey!”

  1. Asher is looking much better without al the tubes! So sorry to hear you’ve been forced to eat all those homemade caramels. As my mother would say “A moment on the lips – a lifetime on the hips!”

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