Assisted Living In Kentucky

You may or may not remember that I moved into an Assisted Living facility this past August 27. I’ve been learning a lot about facilities like this one since then. Things I should have checked out, questions I should have asked, records I should have read before committing to this arrangement.

First of all, if it seems like it’s too good to be true, of course it is! I’ve known that all my life, but in my haste to get away from the way things had deteriorated at my former residence I didn’t stop to think about the old “frying pan into the fire” situation. Never for one minute should anyone think that things couldn’t get worse. Take my word for it, they can and they will! Check out any Assisted Living facility closely. Not just the surface, which can be decietful, but look under the surface. If, like this one, they restrict who can view the rooms, and visit you there, ask why? What are they trying to hide?

In the case of this particular place, the room I occupy is 150 square feet, and I am only one person here. Most of these rooms have double occupancy and no privacy at all. No curtain to maintain at least a visible privacy and if you can imagine this small amount of footage with two beds, two 3-drawer dressers, one chair (goes to the first one in the room), one narrow medicine cabinet that must be shared with the other person sharing the room, about six feet of closet space with one shelf spanning the area, also shared with the second person in the room, one sink, with under sink cabinet, shared*******I’m feeling claustrophobic just thinking about that.

Kentucky State law (KRS 194A.707 [11]) requires each room be at least 200 square feet with a private bathroom and shower —- UNLESS the facility was built or under construction BEFORE July 14, 2000. This facility was constructed in 1969. Check out all laws pertaining to your state BEFORE you commit.

There will be follow-ups to this post, but for now, please, please check all laws, certificates of compliance, house rules, staff availability and requirements before you commit! It’s only the comfort of yourself or someone you love at stake!


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  1. Yikes!! I hope you can find other accommodations – that is really an uncomfortable situation. I suppose it was designed to hold completely bed ridden individuals who wouldn’t need much privacy or living space!

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    1. I’m not sure what it was built for, Keith. According to the website I visited most assisted living places are mainly for people who need to learn how to get out with others in the place, do crafts, have snacks, just basic first grade type of intermingling. I went to a few of the craft sessions for a couple of weeks but they are all so juvenile I couldn’t stay long. Painting Styrofoam pumpkins, decorating Christmas trees, doing something with cut out turkeys, things we did with the children in the lower grades in school. The ones who show up for all the activities remind me so much of sleep walkers, eyes open only so far and a blank stare if you speak to them. Frightening to say the least.


    1. Working on it. I have a meeting with administration on Monday so keep your fingers crossed. Right now I’m trying to come up with some statements that they won’t find controversial or demanding. Not sure they can handle that.

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  2. Oh Angie … that is unimaginable! Sadly, you didn’t have time to do a lot of looking around and delving deeper back in August, but we MUST get you out of there! I sit here looking at my living room, not a huge room, and thinking that your entire room is about half or less the size of this one. I simply cannot imagine it. Take care, my friend, and please start looking at other options. My offer from last summer still stands. Huge Hugs ❤

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  3. Angie, There are some resources. I’m not sure which of these apply in your situation or which you have consulted:
    Ky Protection and Advocacy,
    Ky Senior Living Association,
    Ky Cabinet on Assisted Living and Family Services
    The third is a government office where you might be able to file a grievance. You may also want to contact your local Legal Aid Society, if you haven’t done so already.
    I grew up in Kentucky, and my retirement career primarily focuses on health and Medicare insurance. I’m licensed in 9 states, none of which is Kentucky at present, but if you need help, just reach out. I do trouble shooting free of charge. Our health care and elder care systems are dysfunctional messes designed to pander to the greedy, not the needy.

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    1. Thanks for this info, Vic. It’s what I was looking for in the beginning but kept being sent to other sites. And if you really mean it, I would love some help negotiating the quagmire these official places are full of.
      Not sure why, but this ended up in my spam folder and I just found it today. Computers are strage animals.

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    2. Vic, I have now attempted to contact all of these agencies and run into some pretty big walls. They only want to hear from owners, administraters, or health care professionals. I was once a health care professional but am now retired and would like to register as an advocate for people stuck in these places that are barely legal. The more I read about our rights the worse the picture is here. I am more fortunate than some of the people since I didn’t turn my bank account over to the facility but maintain it myself. It’s all a huge mess and if I had it to do over again I would run away from the kids who put me here without consulting me about it (a very juvenile instince, but I’m losing my independence more on a daily basis). It seems it is all designed for the owners and administrators rather than the inmates. Tomorrow I will call the Ombudsman since the owner has failed to keep the appointment with me.


      1. If the kids put you there when it wasn’t necessary, then there are additional issues you can raise. Medicare funds in-home care expressly to allow people to avoid facilities for as long as possible. Where were you living before?


  4. I was living in a building for senior citizens but since it is infested with bedbugs and roaches I wanted to move out. My lease there was up at the end of August and this was the only place with an opening. I remembered it from my days working for Hospice and at that time it was a beautiful place, well run and clean. I didn’t even tell the kids I was going to move or anything about this place but they found out anyway, I think one of the people in the office at the other place is a broker for this place and she contacted my son about this one. Sbe had mentioned it to me before but I declined the place so the more I think about it the more I realize she must have called my son. He wouldn’t know about this place otherwise.


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