Can’t Think Of A Snappy Title



Sunshine on snow — at least briefly, from my window yesterday, 1-13-18.  Usually when the weather people predict this stuff it never happens around here.  It hits every other place around us, but the river usually protects us and diverts the white stuff to the Indiana side.  I have wondered why we are getting it this year and might have come up with the answer.  At least it’s an answer I like, so I’m going with it.  Mama Ree loves snow and we just never get enough for her, so this year, with Sam now in heaven (and I truly believe he is there),  he is making sure she gets enough to keep her happy for a while.  And with that sense of humor of his, I don’t dare go outside for a while because he would probably slap me in the face with a snowball!  I’m not too crazy about the stuff and yes, I know what we got is nothing compared to other parts of the country we have to contend with the fact that it is out there lying on the ice that came first.  So far the temps have been well below freezing so it isn’t leaving the parking lot here and the less traveled streets.  The building management has a firm policy against cleaning it off the sidewalks and parking area here, at one time stating that if they leave it and we are stupid enough to go out on it anyway we deserve whatever happens. (Paraphrased comment)  As is usual in this town someone will have to be seriously maimed or killed before the policy is changed.  I love this place in spite of the less than ideal management and the downright stupid rules they seem to think we accept without question as the truth.

I shouldn’t say the above out loud but it becomes an exercise in silly at times and it all has to come out.  All in all however, it is the first place I’ve felt at home since leaving the farm and I have yet to figure out why!


I’ve been updating my kitchen for a while now, one item at a time, and this dishwasher magnet is one of the latest finds.  It sure goes with the overall rooster theme that began in the kitchen and has now spread all over the apartment.  So, while I’m trying to get myself together enough to prepare for the funeral in the morning, I’m gonna stick a few of the latest photos here.  You might get one of the scene outside our freight door also if I remember to add it.  Part of the entrance is clear (went down to get the photos this morning, opened the door and didn’t freeze!)  Enjoy the photos while I’m working on getting my clothes together for morning.  Then I’ll have to take the laundry off the shower chair and the shower rod tonight so I won’t have to do that in the morning while I’m still walking around in my sleep.  And praying the snow that is supposed to begin at nine a.m. doesn’t happen.  My chariot won[t get far in that mess.

101_5552 101_5551 New rugs in kitchen, nicely padded to help reduce fatigue.

101_5569  101_5568  Rooster mugs and plates 

101_5536  101_5565


15 thoughts on “Can’t Think Of A Snappy Title”

    1. I decided on this floor, (16) when I moved into this building 15 years ago, Natalie. I was an official weather spotter for the National Weather Bureau in Paducah at the time and I still look out to see what’s moving in, even though I don’t call in reports any more. I’m on the northwest end and can see and hear it easily. They wanted me to move down to the third floor a couple of years ago but you can’t see anythng that far down .

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      1. I hd a choice between this floor and the second floor and it was no contest! The lower floor was way tooooo low to even consider, esp since I was a weather spotter for the National Weather Bureau at the time! Not official now but I still phone in updates. I can see things from this high up long before the spotters on the ground know they exist!

        I also get some of the best photos from my window, still using my old Kodak point “n” shoot digital camera! It’s one of the first of the digital breed and I have close to 5000 photos registered on it. What’s not to love?

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    1. Thank you Rebecca. I made it to the funeral home yesterday but came home from there rather than taking a chance on going to the church and cemetery. He had a military funeral, very moving if I remember correctly from years ago, and I wish I could have gone to the burial, but just couldn’t take that chance with my power chair. The worst of the weather missed us, but it is bitterly cold and around the building the ice is still on the sidewalks and the entrances. It’s illegal to leave it there in a Senior Citizens building but they get away with it. I’m too tired to go to battle over the issue now — maybe some day though.

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      1. I’m glad you made it to the funeral but sorry you missed out on going to the church and cemetery. My husband is in the military (served on active duty for awhile and now for the KY National Guard) and I’ve been to a few military funerals unfortunately. The grave side service is moving, full of pride mixed with sadness. I think it’s just terrible that your building doesn’t clear the sidewalks. That’s unacceptable and taking advantage of the residences inside. Hopefully the warmer temps this weekend will allow everything to melt.

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      2. I think I went to more than my share of funerals while working for Hospice, both the regular and some military ones. It would have been nice to go to Sam’s if only the weather had cooperated. One of my brothers was career military — he joined the Air Force in the mid-’60’s when Viet Nam became a headline, and by the time he retired he was Paymaster for the combined Armed Forces. Youngest sis was also Air Force, but left when her first son was born with “failure to thrive”. She is a nurse, and her last assignment was the AF Academy in Colorado Springs where she still lives. One brother was in the Marine Corps and one in the Army Reserve. The one in the Air Force retired after 30 years, then was called back as a Civilian Employee and stayed there for another 26 years


  1. Sounds like you have been busy Angie in your Kitchen. And snow is alright when looking from somewhere cosy and you don’t have to venture out in it. We too had snow overnight, but it turned to sleet so all gone this morning. But Scotland and other places not so lucky.

    Love those Cockerels 🙂 🙂 ❤

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    1. Yes, I have been busy, Sue, and not just in the kitchen, It just got the new stuff while I’m trying to shift the rest of the apartment around to make it look different and new. I have enough roosters, hens and chicks stuck around the place to make it look bright and cheerful. Not the best of pets but the real ones make the best dinner around, and the figurines brighten up all the small spaces where I put them. I love the colors of the various breeds.

      It is much better to view the mess outside from up here than to go outside in it. I’m happy up here snapping photos from my windows, using my vintage digital Kodak — I think one of the first digital on the market. It’s probably better than the ones they make today and while it doesn’t bounce any more than I do it has taken quite a beating over the years. I think it is one of the only things that have hit the floor more often than me. I still don’t bounce either, but we are still working on that one. Love and hugs. ❤ ((()))

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      1. Only a few more days of this, if the weather people can be believed. One of our favorite sayin’s here in Kentucky is “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few hours.” I think they say this everyplace on the globe, but it sure is true here. My camera is a keeper, and I’m not going anyplace til spring! And if you believe that I have a big blue bridge I’ll sell you at a discount!

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