My Great-Grandson

Asher Blake Wink was born Monday morning, weighing in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 23 inches long. He is a beautiful little boy but! And there always seems to be a “but” in this little boys life, he has yet to breathe on his own. Meconium Asperation Syndrome is a horrible way to start life but at least they now have some ways to treat this once fatal disease. He was put on 100% oxygen and sent to Norton’s Hospital in Louisville. They are equipped to perform miracles that other hospitals are not able to do.;

Today we were told he is improving but slowly and there are so many problems now and possibly for a long time to come, but I believe in miracles and a miracle is needed now. But he has a chance and that was missing in 1970 when his aunt, Jennifer was born with the same problems. They couldn’t save her. She lived 17 hours. This little boy is still fighting after almost five days and that, in my opinion, is a miracle.

First photo, taken soon after birth with his mom and dad, Sydney and Noah.
Thursday morning, early

11 thoughts on “My Great-Grandson”

    1. Thank you, David. Asher is improving every day. Not out of the woods yet but slowly getting there, now breathing 25% on his own, moving around and letting them know when he is unhappy about what’s going on. And yesterday he opened one eye and looked at the world. Still a lot of swelling in that little body but he’s a warrior. I am so happy with his progress so far and believe he will only get better.

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    1. Miracles still happen Keith. Thank you. Asher is a fighter and now, a week after his rocky start, he is still not completely over it all but the doctors are cautiously optimistic about his future. He is breathing 25% on his own and has opened one eye to look at the world around him. There is still a lot of swelling but I’m sure he will get the other eye opened soon and really look at what he was thrust into.


    1. Thank you, Muri. Prayers have come from around the world and miracles still happen. While Asher has a long way still to go he is now moving around and staring at the world through his left eye which he opened on Sunday. He now breathes on his own for short periods of time and they will begin weaning him off the machines in a few days.


    1. Oh Cathleen, thank you. He really is a beautiful little boy and he is proving to be a fighter as well. He forced his left eye open on Sunday and saw them for the first time. He is now moving around in the crib and they have taken some of the tubes off for short periods of time. He is very upset with them when they reattach the lines and lets them know about it. Our little miracle baby.

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  1. Prayers are being answered ‘Colleen.
    Last night they began clamping off the tubes from all the machines and he got stronger with each one clamped off.
    this afternoon he was taken to surgery and all the tubes were removed. He is now on his own and getting stronger, but keeping him sedated so he won’t move around and cause bleeding where the tubes were. He is a miracle!


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