Happy Brrrr New Year


What better way to spend New Year’s Eve than kicked back in my chair, feet –clad in my Christmas gift from Anika, snacking on chips and ice cream (brrrr), and feeling quite content as I wait for the witching hour while I watch my usual go-to movie for this time, “When Harry Met Sally”.  I just never can remember why this became my NYE movie.  It has one scene depicting New Year in NY, Manhattan to be exact, but the rest of the movie runs the gamut of time for all seasons.  But — I’ve watched this one every year since it came out.  I could check the year it came out but that would be too much like work for this time of evening.

So, today I spent some time conversing with friends, emptying the dishwasher and filling it again, making another freezer of ice cream — just what I need with the temp dropping to minus 12 tonight.  Believe me, it is well on its way to that number.  So I’m settling in now for my usual winter hibernation.  So glad I decided to go out with a friend on Friday when we hit a mild spell.  I’m now well stocked with groceries and the material to do whatever hobby I pick up next.

So, on this extremely frigid evening I want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Peace filled New Year, free of the silly accidents I just had.  Please take care if you have to be out in the cold.  Bundle up and stay safe!  A.


3 thoughts on “Happy Brrrr New Year”

    1. I wish we could turn the whole process around th the way it used to be, Sue. Your posts don’t show up in my reader any longer, either. I think it’s because of our “new and improved” web site, the unhappiness engineers and their constant effort to fix what ain’t broken, and possibly the fact that the sun does the revolving, and that the engineers are letting us down.in their effort to make square pegs fit in round holes..

      Love and hugs, xoxoxoxoxoxo

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