Confrontation with the term ‘Truth’ 

My favorite post by Damon, a lovely young lady who recently began following me. Thank you, Damon


And in all these 20 long years

I have confronted myself with

The term truth

A trizilion times.

Yes. A trizilion times.

Yet I wonder the very essence of it.


There were Truths,

Truths that were Unspoken

Unexpressed and

And because

There are Truths,

Truths that are real

plain and


Truths that are tearing us apart

Are hard and


Truths that we cannot deny,

Because of simply their existence

Truths that are swiftly evolving

And changing,

Changing with the passage of time.

Truths that are not even Truths

And because

Some Truths are aching our hearts

And mending our soul

All at once.

All at once.

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