Frustrating Day

Have you ever had one of THOSE!!! days?  The kind where you should have just stayed in bed all day and still accomplish more than you have during the entire day of being up and active?  That is just a fraction of the past 4 hours — NOT the entire day, but just the last 4 hours of my day.  I can’t get into my email, couldn’t remember the password to try to recover the access, couldn’t find the book where I keep my passwords just two minutes after putting it down — SOMEWHERE!!!  Managed to disable almost every method of recovery I had,  lots more that I don’t remember if I forgot it or not.

I wonder if this is all because my resident poltergeist is at work again.  It all started out as such a bad/good day that I can’t figure out how it all went bad so quickly.  For several hours I was unable to access my WP account, found a place to hit a button and it all came back.  Just can’t seem to find a button like that for the email.  Aaarrrrhgggghhhhhhhh!

I got my laugh in earlier in what is now yesterday when younger son called and I had to admit to him that I fell again several days ago but this time managed to just hit my head and the left shoulder that usually predicts the weather for me.  He is always telling me that if I just hit my head I’ll be okay since it’s the hardest part of my body.  Of course these last two falls have proven him right.  The trouble there is that he always tries to outdo me in everything, always doing things a little bit worse than I do.  Now I have to worry about him somehow breaking his leg, only worse than my own was.  He broke his foot a few years after I broke mine, only just a little bit worse.  Hmmm, this quarantine  is bad enough on it’s own without getting to see my kids one more time before either Mike or I manage to butt heads and have both of them split open on impact.  Like all else though, it could be even worse than it is now.  I don’t want to try to come up with ways that it could be worse at this time though.  Freaking myself out here without even trying.

Went to Kroger’s a few days ago and some shelves still are empty.  That in itself is freaky.  They are letting Senior Citizens in at 7 a.m. though.  We get the first hour of the workday.  Now how many times have you seen a S.C. finish anything at all in only one hour?  It takes me an hour to get both eyes open and then another one to get them to work together!  Shop for a months groceries when most of what I want is not in stock requires more than an hour, sometimes several hours when I have driven around the store so many times looking for an item and then forgotten just what I’m looking for — usually while staring right at it,  It’s almost like all the times I’ve held the refrigerator door open looking for something I can only hope will appear in there by magic, knowing all the time that I don’t have in but still having a childlike hope that it has jumped in there just to satisfy a craving I didn’t even know i had until deciding to look for it.  Hey, I know what I just said —- do you?

I think I’ll just follow thru with my first inclination of just getting back in bed and hoping I can stay there all day!


3 thoughts on “Frustrating Day”

  1. Hi, Angie. Sounds as if you are having some trying times. Good grief! It’s enough the world has gone insane in a hand basket and not only that, you are having a heck of a time. I cannot even laugh anymore at the jokes regarding our present day situation. I try to keep myself surrounded by Mother Nature in order to forget the insanity about. You take care! Much love to you! xo

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    1. It’s hard to find anything around here to laugh at Amy, but I just have to look harder these days. If I don’t get a good laugh in every day I might as well pack it all in and give up for good. Just can’t bring myself to do that for more than a few minutes at a time though. I do wish I could be back at the farm now though. We have wooded areas and one hillside that is yellow from all the daffodils that have been there for years and spread like crazy all over the place. Such a heavenly smell! Even after all this time I miss living on that farm, even the harder parts of it. So much produce to can every summer with no air conditioning, but since we had trees surrounding the house it was tolerable!

      Keep taking those photos of nature and place them all around your home. That way you can be out there all the time just by looking up at a photo!

      Love you too, my sweet friend. <3<3

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