Fire In The Hole!

Or rather, in the kitchen.  What a mess it was, a fire on my stove when some grease popped out onto the burner I was using.  My alarm was screaming at me in no uncertain terms at first as I tried to beat the fire out with my skillet, knowing even as I did that it wouldn’t work.  I grabbed the box of baking soda before it got to the ceiling and threw some on the flames, realizing that the alarm had been shut off as I was pulling out the baking soda, well before the fire was out.  Usually we receive a phone call if our alarm goes off but that day there was no phone call, no fire department coming to see if it was safely out, absolutely nothing but a relieved me thankful for all the disaster training I once had — the training that told me to throw baking soda on the flames.  It couldn’t have taken more than a second for the smoke to turn into flames but it seemed as if it went on for hours.

Cleanup took a few days.  It’s amazing how many places the soda flew into that day.  I’m still finding some today and it happened a week ago.  I’m also still shaking from the experience.  I’ve become more aware of things around me after two possible life threatening events.  The four hours on the floor waiting for someone to come along and hear me when I called for help, the fire in the kitchen, realizing I was setting off some alarms at the grocery last week!  Fortunately it seems to have a different sound from the one that catches shop lifted items from going out the door and no one came over with handcuffs to see what I was trying to leave without paying for.  I backed up when I heard it though and was pulling my receipt from my purse when I saw them wave me on out,

Well, that’s how I occupied my time with this past week.  I sure hope you had a better week than mine.  So back to the sewing machine and doll clothes!  I once thought safety depended on staying away from dangerous situations but now realize it can get downright scary just scrambling eggs sometime,



9 thoughts on “Fire In The Hole!”

  1. I’m so glad you are safe! You should report the system failure of the alarm and not receiving at least a call to see if you were alright. Oh yes, I know the mess baking soda thrown on flames can make! I had that happen with a grease fire in my oven recently and I’m still finding a dusting of baking soda here and there! I love the dolls’ dresses … they’re all so beautiful!!! Take care and have a better week, my friend! ❤

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  2. I’m afraid I’ll have to get over my anger before I talk to anyone in the office Jill! They are too afraid to come out of their isolation to investigate that “failure” and I really do NOT want to ever have to deal with the person in charge. I know she will be back trying to intimidate again but I’m fed up. Looking for a new place that is larger than this doll size apartment but will probably end up in a nursing home first. I need a sunny day so I can get outside for a few minutes and come back inside sneezing from the pollen!. Have a good week/day/month/minute!


  3. Dear Angie.. First So good to see you again… We keep losing touch… Second Wow… I think it is time to go break a match… A saying we have here in the UK.. when we break things.. So, so sorry you had to wait all of that time with a broken leg and you must have been through so much pain getting it fixed…
    The incident with the fire.. Kitchen fires so easily can get out of control… Thank Goodness you had the presence of mind to throw on that baking soda.. I can only imagine just how scary that would be and shake you up…
    So that is two things.. So that is why we say here break a match… As you then go break a match stick in two pieces before you break, or some other thing happens.. 🙂

    On a much brighter note Angie.. I love your dolls and you have done a wonderful job at dressing them up in their Sunday best.. They just look lovely..
    Sending you love and hugs.. and so pleased again you came over… I have not been in my reader very often and have just been mainly replying to comments and repaying the compliment…
    Its planting time on the plot… So we have been busy.. thankfully its only five minutes walk away from home.. So constitutes as our daily exercise.. though our restrictions have eased a little last week… As some were allowed back in work with precautions.

    Sending Huge hugs your way Angie.. Take care of yourself.. Love and Hugs.. Sue ❤ 🙂

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    1. I like that comment about breaking a matchstick Sue. I might just break all of them in the box if I would do the trick as far as not breaking anything else. I’m such a klutz that sometimes I only have to walk past something to send it crashing to the floor!

      My dolls are giving me a lot of pleasure now. I’ve always loved making clothes for dolls and now that I’ve found a good place to send them around Christmas time I’m really loving it. I was fortunate to have learned to dress them as a child but there are so many children who might otherwise not even receive a doll, much less a wardrobe for it that I just have to do this as my good deed for the year. The best part is that I now have an excuse to play with dolls again at my age! I’m loving it!

      Love and hugs!

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      1. I’ve always needed my crafts and the things I make to keep me sane, Sue. It keeps me going to know that I can sit down at my sewing machine and make something lovely or something useful that will help someone get thru the day in a better way. And now it’s time for me to get thru the night again. Hugs.

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    1. You know it took me a week before I was able to go back to use that burner Colleen. And even now, 2 weeks later, I’m finding baking soda in crevices that I can’t get to without someone to pull them out for me. I’m just glad I had the new box of soda still out on a cabinet and not put away inside the cabinet. I’ve decided to look for something decorative that I can put baking soda in and keep it on the stove top just in case it happens again. That also is insurance against it ever happens again;


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