Last week I received my second COVID-19 vaccination shot. I have heard so many things about the vaccination, both pro and negative, so went into it with trepidation. I’m allergic to so many medicines and vaccinations that I expected the worst. Happy to say I received the best. I keep wondering what kind of needle they used since I never felt the pinprick at all and questioned the person administrating the vax if it had really been given yet. She laughed and assured me it had been and I was okay, placed a cute little bandaid on the area and told me to stay there for about 15 minutes in case of a bad reaction. I actually enjoyed the short stay because for the second time in a year was able to visit with some friends while waiting. We all observed the social distancing and were all talking at once because we were together for the second time, the first time being the morning we all received the first stage of the vax series.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the second, having heard from several people, including my youngest son, that several of them had experienced a bad reaction to that one, but it has been five days and no problems for me, although I have heard a few people speak about feeling nauseous after receiving it. Of course, one of my best friends admitted he always felt nauseous at the thought of being stuck by a needle. I guess we all hate the thought of needles. It just doesn’t seem normal to be stuck on purpose by needles for any reason, but one thing for me is that my MS has affected my ability to feel pain, so I seldom feel anything at all. Good? Sometimes.

One bad time was when I stepped on a piece of glass and it was embedded in my foot. Didn’t know it was there until a few days later. By that time there was some infection setting in. Not too sure about whether to go to the ER or not, I simply covered it with Neosporin and a bandaid, called my mom to ask if she thought I should get a tetanus shot even though I knew I was overdue for one, and was so happy when she told me I would probably be okay without. I really don’t recommend skipping that for a wound, but took her word that I didn’t need one. After all, she raised seven kids without benefit of ER visits and we all made it to old age.

Now all I really want is nice weather, temps in the 60’s, lots of sunshine and a nice long visit with family and friends that has been impossible for over a year now.

Realistically I know the pandemic isn’t over yet, but I can almost see a light at the end of a long tunnel and hope has returned. I know people are still dying from this disease and the mutations that are popping up all around us, but stll I hope! Always I hope.


12 thoughts on “Vaccination”

  1. This is really good news – I was wondering if I’d have a horrible time with the 2nd vaccination. My in laws said they had no issues other than being a little tired. Your account gives me hope… I suppose hope can be contagious as can laughter!

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    1. My son told me that all of the people he worked with had nausea after the second shot but I had about fifteen minutes of slight stomach upset about 24 hours after the second and then it went away faster than it came. Now it’s been a week since the second and I feel normal. Have to admit I was nervous about that one though, but very easy. Good luck with yours. I just hope they really work, and might decide to wear my masks forever as face warmers now. Going out in all the cold we had felt much better than usual with my three layer mask. I put flannel in the lining of the winter ones.


    1. It seems like hope is all we have now, Keih. Some days I wonder if it is enough, but that;s almost all we have until the vaccine is available to everyone and the idiots stop running the world. Angela


      1. Angie, hope is essential, but it does seem that is all we have these days. In my volunteer work with working homeless families, a social worker once told me hope is all they have. They lost one job, their car, then their home. Keith

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      2. My daughter also works with homeless families in her volunteer job as director of the food banks in her area. I worry at times because she goes into some tough situations, but she says she is only following in my footsteps and carrying on where i had to leave off so I can’t say too much about the potential danger. She’s quite a girl in my humble opinion Not sure where she gets it all, but I have to say I am very proud of her.


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