Peanut Butter, Bananas and Sewing Machine

I remember some things about last night before I fell asleep in my chair,   I was sewing doll clothes and there was a banana smeared with peanut butter on a plate next to my side.  I clearly remember this.  I also dearly love bananas with peanut butter.  Sliced bananas, whole peeled bananas, bananas mixed in peanut butter — they are all equally delicious.

My next memory of last night  is of grabbing a tissue.  Hope you are not eating here because I have to admit that when I chew the action activates my sinuses forcing me to grab the nearest snot rag, um, tissue at hand,  More blank space where I suppose I fell asleep, and then bang, ouch!  It’s not much fun to wake suddenly when your head falls forward against the sewing machine, but that happened several times during the night because I was determined to finish the doll dress I had started.  I leaned back in the chair for a few minutes to rub my head and sample the banana and peanut butter again.  Reinforcements, you know.  But it just didn’t seem that long before I banged my head against the machine again.  And my banana had disappeared!  Never a good sign.  A few minutes probing and I located a small segment of the banana — in my lap on the lovely magenta pants I had donned after my shower.  The matching top had a round grease spot on it and the gray sweater that had been keeping my warm in my cold apartment was decorated with smeared everything from the peanut butter and squashed banana to the threaded needle still sticking out of the little sleeve of the doll dress that I was hand sewing some lace on.

First change of clothing!  And wide awake, so I cleaned everything, took my seat in front of the machine again and sewed another sleeve.  Couldn’t have taken more than two minutes with another bite of that banana to savor while stitching.  First repeat of the above paragraph!  And another bite of the banana lost — finally found on the floor;  — this time under my socked feet!  The best bite of all because it was the last one.  At least this time I slept on until morning.  And banana in my hair complete with a load of peanut butter.  Lord give me strength!!!

So now, freshly showered again and wearing clean clothes again I am preparing to get out and search for more bananas,  I think my huge jar of peanut butter should hold me for a few more days!

Okay, even this morning things are not working.  I tried to photograph my remaining banana and the huge jar of peanut butter but it seems my brain isn’t the only thing not working.  Huge sigh!  I think this might be one of those days!  Hope you have a good one at least, and that you got a chuckle out of this.  Now see?  You aren’t having such a bad morning after all — unless you happen to have peanut butter in your hair also.


6 thoughts on “Peanut Butter, Bananas and Sewing Machine”

  1. I feel really guilty for laughing. My husband, Sparky, enjoys bananas with peanut butter. He just finished off the cashew butter and has started on the almond butter… I’m happy to say he has, so far, avoided getting it in his hair!

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    1. Don’t feel guilty for laughing. I was laughing all the time as I wrote that one. Sometimes it’s a matter of laugh or cry and laughing gives prettier wrinkles. Sorry about the late reply. Had a small stroke a few days ago and am just now able to put a full sentence together. Now if I had just written one during that episode you would really have had something to laugh about. And seriously, I laugh at myself all the time and during the stroke was trying to get a point across to a friend and it all came out so pollywoggled that I had to keep laughing to keep her from catching on that something was going on. She would have tried to get me to the hospital and it’s full of sick people so I didn’t want to go there. I’ve had several over the years so no problem. The big one will come eventually but I’m ready for whatever happens. Keep laughing!


  2. Hello Angela. Banana and peanut butter is a combo I have failed to try. I do like dried banana chips. I do have a suggestion, sew a padded headband for your forehead so when you fall into the sewing machine or the table you will have a cushion. Hugs

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    1. Oh Scottie, you really haven’t lived until you try peanut butter and bananas. I think we all grew up eating that for dinner every Saturday night and at times we would take peanut butter and banana sandwiches for school lunches. It was our favorite meal and we probably would have eaten it three times a day if mom had let us.

      Thanks for the tip about the padded headband. I’ll have to give that a try and not only for falling into my sewing machine. I’ve been falling into everything around me lately, plus had another small stroke a few days ago. Just now able to put sentences together again. Life is so much fun lately!

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      1. Hi Scottie, All I can do at this point is take care of myself when I’m not fighting with this computer. It has a habit of switching apps around to the point that I’m not sure now what is what. I’ll figure it out again some day but it’s not that important at this point. Thanks for your support. Hugs!

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