Title (That’s what they asked for)

I’m not sure what this will be about if you want the truth. I thought about something like “When COVID hits home” but that has been covered so much it didn’t interest me enough. I will say however that my youngest son and his family are recovering from it now. My grandson got it from someone at work who came to work even though he “felt bad” that day. Typical in this area even though the hospital is overcrowded and the workers are over tired and overworked. I think I’m glad now that I am retired. I can only imagine what the folks at Hospice are going through right now.

My older son and his wife weren’t able to visit on Mother’s Day last year because they had the virus. Today they are still having some problems from it, but at least they are feeling better. Several people in this building have had it, some have died, and yet everyone is running around without masks and sitting at tables in the activities room in touching distance, chair by chair occupied with the people who have nothing better to do than mind everyone’s business but their own. They are quick to let you know that they don’t gossip though. Just ask any of them.

Okay, no more about that. I’m walking around the apartment using a walking boot now, usually with a walker but in the past couple of days I’m using two canes for short distances. That’s what I call progress. On the other hand the X-rays show a sewing needle is in my left foot. My best guess is that when I fell it went in because it wasn’t there before. Now I’m beginning to feel it working its way back out — fun feeling. I sure hope it pops out soon without having to have the doc working on it again. I’ve been through this process before and it wasn’t much fun.

Most of my time is spent sewing. Barbie is getting a lot of new clothes and I sometimes wish I could fit in them. It would require some serious shrinkage on my part, but it would be fun. Of course I would also have to lose several years as well since most of them are prom type dresses and it has been a long time since my prom days were over.

I got some wonderful news Friday. My granddaughter called to inform me that she is now engaged to her long time boyfriend. I am so happy for them I could bust wide open. She is so beautiful and I only wish they lived closer to me. She comes in occasionally, but with the virus still such a threat we are all trying to stay close to home. And Frankfort is so far away these days. That’s Frankfort, KY in case you are wondering.

That made me remember something my brother said one Sunday during his homily. He mentioned the fact that we grew up in Rome and how excited people would get when they heard that. But then he would explain that it was Rome, KY and the excitement would kinda die out. Kentucky has a lot of famous name towns, Oklahoma, Paris, London, but then we also have Turkey Trot, Pumpkin, and Friendly Village which is now the name of the area we grew up. And these places are all a short drive from here. I wonder if people were homesick for the places they left behind when they named Paris, Rome and London, but that’s one we may never know.

Time for me to get up and stretch my legs out again. I’ll also continue my search for my cable so I can charge the power chair. Might need it again one of these days. Then again, maybe there will be a miracle and I’ll have an energy spurt and be able to walk without any kind of aid again. Now that would be a real miracle for sure!

Just a few Barbie outfits.


6 thoughts on “Title (That’s what they asked for)”

  1. I’m sorry you’re back in a boot again. The Barbie outfits area delight for a prom and /or a wedding.You’ve worked hard on them again.I’m sorry the family have been through so much of the covid horrors and I’m glad they’re on the mend.Good news about your granddaughter and that you still get to see her a bit.
    Huge Hugs

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    1. Thanks David. It’s sure not the kind of year I had hoped for, but we are managing to survive it. Might as well since this is probably our lives from now on. Yes, having to spend most of the time sitting or lying down because of the broken ankle it feels good to walk again even if I do have to wear the boot. Take care, my friend. You are loved.
      Humongous hugs right back at you.

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    1. My brother can make a dog bone into a fun story. I’m not too fond of the Friendly Village name but then I was already married when a neighbor took a petition around to give the area a name and liked the way it had always been. Turkey Trot and Pumpkin are unique to the area I think but back then I could see the silliness in the F.V. name.

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    1. Thanks brother Mark. While making the doll clothes I can tune out the rest of the world. It still seeps in at times but keeping my hands busy keeps my brain occupied. I’m glad I won’t be around many more years — at least not more than 20 years I hope, but I wonder what life will be like for the grandchildren who will probably survive all this virus stuff. It’s not going away so we have to learn to live in the new millirem and hope enough people survive to carry on the new life. What bothers me most is the thought that it is our generation who brought this way of life on us all. Wish I could go back to the slow and easy life we lived when we were kids.


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